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My stipulation in regard to the twenty thousand pounds was simply this: The whole amount was to be settled so as to give the income to the lady for her life--afterwards to Sir Percival for his life-- and the principal to the children of the marriage.
The knowledge of Sir Percival's affairs which I had necessarily gained when the provisions of the deed on HIS side were submitted in due course to my examination, had but too plainly informed me that the debts on his estate were enormous, and that his income, though nominally a large one, was virtually, for a man in his position, next to nothing.
It is not on my own account I wish for more; but I cannot bear to be the means of injuring my dear Morland, making him sit down upon an income hardly enough to find one in the common necessaries of life.
As to that, my sweet Catherine, there cannot be a doubt, and you know me well enough to be sure that a much smaller income would satisfy me.
He had a partner, he said, who was strong and determined, and they had presents, to get which he had mortgaged the last penny of his income.
He is a millionaire -- his income is 500,000 francs.
One of the most agreeable possible, my dear sir; he will allow you an income of 50,000 livres per annum during the whole time of your stay in Paris.
As to your rank, an annual income of 50,000 livres will enable you to support it admirably.
Am I to consider this as part of my income on account?
Brooke on this occasion little thought of the Radical speech which, at a later period, he was led to make on the incomes of the bishops.
She lives in reputation at the polite end of the town, and is so good an economist, that she spends three times the income of her fortune, without running into debt.
1(g) (the kiddie tax) are designed to minimize the family income tax advantage obtained when (1) parents gift assets to a child, (2) the investment income is taxed at the child's lower income tax rates and (3) family wealth increases.
While a CRUT is a special type of CRT, a net income make-up CRUT, or NIMCRUT, is further specialized to allow for maximum income deferral opportunities.
Despite the growing importance of longevity risk management and retirement income planning, there has been comparatively little action taken to date by consumers, advisers or financial intermediaries (including lid insurers) to address these issues.
A housing allowance is an important tax benefit for clergy because it can be excluded, within limits, from gross income for federal tax purposes.