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Synonyms for incombustible

not capable of igniting and burning

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In an important advance from Ordway's work, Norton distinguished between combustible and incombustible coverings, and designated the former as unsuitable for hot surfaces.
ABSTRACT: Provided is a method of manufacturing incombustible wood that enables maximization of the amount of an incombustion agent used to be impregnated into wood.
179 of 1851 simply required that all buildings within a specified area be "built of stone, brick, iron or other material of an incombustible nature.
Removal of incombustible, inert material such as metal, glass or sand from the rejects is essential
said Tuesday it has developed an additive to make lithium batteries incombustible, enabling them to be used in large equipment and vehicles powered by electricity.
The latest version of biodegradable plastic is more incombustible than its predecessor used in manufacturing some spring and summer models for this year, Fujitsu said.
Patented is a seal made from a flexible/compressible polymer foam and a surface coating with a material which is incombustible or maintains integrity at temperatures up to 500[degrees]C.
Ash produced by incineration and incombustible materials such as glass and plastics are disposed of at landfill sites, many of which are feared to hit full capacity in the near future.
Yet with the growing scarcity of fuelwood in many parts of the country, the quality of biomass used for cooking purposes has declined substantially, leaving the poor in several regions to use twigs, leaves and other almost totally incombustible material.
The product gas is diluted with incombustible constituents, which degrades its heating value.
It was toward one of these plateaus that he now ran, running in ashes without knowing it since the earth here had had time to cool, running among the blackened stubble of last year's sedge dotted with small islands of this year's incombustible green and the blasted heads of tiny blue-and-white daisies, and so onto the crest of the hill, the plateau.
The room is constructed of an incombustible material such as millboard.
All panels are made of incombustible materials that can be cut and shaped to fit using a utility knife with the adhesive surface up.
Tenders are invited for Spreading of fine incombustible dust at vishnupuri underground mine no ii of pench area.