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Synonyms for incombustible

not capable of igniting and burning

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Tsai and Wang (1991) noted that the incombustibility of untreated substrates was directly proportional to their specific gravity.
Incombustibility of fire-retardant paint-coated wood panels.
This will be followed by a focus on cell structure and raw materials in water blown foams as important factors for foam strength and incombustibility.
The method of manufacturing incombustible wood includes performing plural times of individual drying steps for drying wood (for example, board material B), decompression steps for decompressing the wood, decompression impregnation steps for impregnating the wood with an incombustibility treatment agent in a decompressed state, and compression impregnation steps for impregnating the wood with the incombustibility treatment agent in a compressed state, wherein two times of the individual decompression steps, individual decompression impregnation steps, and compression impregnation steps are performed, and three times of the drying steps are performed.
Testing method for incombustibility of thin materials for buildings.