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in an incoherent manner


References in classic literature ?
The man muttered incoherently and drew her roughly toward him.
To be flung into the sea, to be washed hither and thither, and driven about the roots of the world--the idea was incoherently delightful.
Contrary to Bulstrode's alarmed expectation, he took little notice of Lydgate's presence, and continued to talk or murmur incoherently.
And once again, vast multitudes of phantoms sprung into existence; once again, were incoherently engaged, as they had been before; once again, faded on the stopping of the Chimes; and dwindled into nothing.
and once or twice she laughed; so heartily, triumphantly, and incoherently (still crying all the time), that Tilly was quite horrified.
I know I express myself incoherently, but I've tried to hammer out the idea.
And that night, coming out of the cannery, he was interviewed by his fellow workmen, who were very angry and incoherently slangy.
Almost incoherently, he related his night's experience.
He also babbled incoherently of his mother, of sunny Southern California, and a home among the orange groves and flowers.
That is what I came to tell you--that is, to ask you to tell Miss Pollyanna," hurried on the girl, breathlessly and incoherently.
He then fiercely and incoherently, and with an agitation under which his counsellor had never before seen him labour, told Macmurdo the circumstances of the story.
Raffles got his overcoat, a long, light driving-coat, I remember, and even as he put it on our fugitive was dozing in the chair; we left him murmuring incoherently, with the gas out, and his bare feet toasting.
He dashed from the place and followed his hostess, speaking incoherently of burglars, outhouses, and misunderstandings.
He walked up and down the room, talking to himself incoherently in his own language.
He came home dishevelled and bleeding, and happening to catch sight of his children (they were kept generally out of the way), cursed and swore incoherently, banging the table.