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Synonyms for incognito

in disguise


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with your identity concealed

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As the romance is imperfect, we are not acquainted how the discovery takes place; but it is probably much in the same manner as in other narratives turning on the same subject, where the host, apprehensive of death for having trespassed on the respect due to his Sovereign, while incognito, is agreeably surprised by receiving honours and reward.
Curiosity had vanquished the desire of preserving his incognito, and he was recognized.
He supposed that the general wished to make, incognito, one of those reviews of vigilance which every experienced captain never fails to make on the eve of a decisive engagement: he explained to himself the presence of Athos in this case as an inferior explains all that is mysterious on the part of his leader.
They were forced to believe that the captain of the musketeers was desirous of preserving an incognito on his route, for Athos derived from his inquiries an assurance that such a cavalier as he described had exchanged his horse for a well-closed carriage on quitting Avignon.
A Frenchman or a Russian prince incognito," said the officer, looking at Pierre's fine though dirty linen and at the ring on his finger.
Helena's friends had contrived to get cards, and were going, in spite of the objections--in the strictest incognito, of course, trusting to their masks.
Incognito is a metaphor for stepping out of the shadows with music that is dark, mysterious, and illuminating, expressing depths of passion and fantasy consistent with her personal artistic journey.
This followed Incognito paying a $500 fine after being convicted of misdemeanor assault for his involvement in an altercation at a campus apartment last winter.
com/nfl/2014/2/14/5411608/worst-of-the-richie-incognito-jonathan-martin-report-miami-dolphins) high-profile bullying scandal at the hands of Incognito and Pouncey when the three played for the Dolphins.
An NFL investigation found that Incognito, Pouncey and teammate John Jerry engaged in persistent harassment directed at Martin.
Representing 5 different continents, 13 experts in lingual treatment presented the versatility and clinical quality achieved with the Incognito System.
It is precisely these kinds of demands in the marketplace that has made treatment options like Incognito Hidden braces and Invisalign as the preferred choice of treatment globally.
Google had previously said it would store only some user messages on its servers, but changed its tune by launch time, saying the company will store all messages unless actively deleted by users or initially sent in Incognito mode.
The Indian central bank has suggested that it would check on operations at its banks, incognito.