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Synonyms for inclusive

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including much or everything


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We approached this race with a feeling of inclusivity and accessibility -- together with Abu Dhabi Sports Council, the International Triathlon Union, and our presenting partner Daman, we feel that everyone should be able to enjoy our incredible sport and that there should be no boundaries to our competition.
In addition to the school's element, the Foundation will be looking to engage local rugby clubs and provide volunteering support and education around deaf awareness, inclusivity and making local clubs a social hub and welcoming space for the deaf community.
During my time at the college I learned how important it was to promote inclusivity in sport.
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has made gender inclusivity a focus since he was elected last October.
On its inclusivity agenda, B20 Turkey took two main actions.
There is no other similar event focused on inclusivity and development in South East Asia as PIDD.
Enact a governance structure that fosters an environment of inclusivity including recruitment and retention of a diverse leadership team.
Pauline Black, one of the steering group recommending the city of culture bit, wants us to celebrate the "multi-cultural inclusivity of 2-Tone" (Coventry Telegraph, June 16).
In her new role as Head of Inclusivity, Lucy (Nina Sosanya) is concerned as she has to head up a discussion on inclusivity targets before an important watchdog meeting at Westminster.
Meanwhile Lucy, the new Head of Inclusivity, has to try to avert a cross-cultural crisis.
Lucy is the new Head of Inclusivity, while David is now Senior Executive, Primetime Factuality.
The initiative is aimed at launching best practices that promote gender diversity and inclusivity across all departments.
Financial inclusion is vital in achieving the goal of enhancing inclusivity of growth of economies.
Successful diversity initiatives share at least one common element: support from organizational leaders who understand diversity is closely tied to engagement and infuse it into the school's talent practices, says Keith Caver, who leads the inclusivity practice at Towers Watson, a human resources firm.
This article begins with a brief explanation of inclusivity as a stance in contrast with inclusion as a space, and discusses how this notion of inclusivity is enacted through a commitment to inquiry (Cochran-Smith & Lytle, 2009) and positioning teachers as intellectuals.