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Synonyms for inclusive

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including much or everything


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Six days of the overall 18-day ban have been deferred meaning that De Sousa will be out of action from July 1 to 13 inclusively, a period that rules him out of the Coral-Eclipse meeting and Newmarket's July festival.
Let's bigger, globally and inclusively Let's not fall into that.
We work closely and inclusively with all our schools - including those that are not local authority maintained - to secure the highest possible standards.
Bou Saab on Friday chaired a comprehensive meeting in his ministry that included representatives of around 47 Lebanese and international associations that cooperate with the ministry in the frame of RACE project and other projects related to providing education for all children across the Lebanese territories, inclusively the displaced Syrians.
I understand the doctrine of Incarnation inclusively.
During the phone call Merkel and Davutoy-lu inclusively evaluated the refugee deal.
Rota's Volunteer Programme has a database of more than 3,000 volunteers, inclusively engaging people from all sections of society regardless of age, nationality or gender, the statement notes.
And this is certainly something he pledged when he came into power to govern more inclusively, so we certainly believe that he's doing so through these measures that were adopted, and expect he'll continue to do so," Toner affirmed.
As a result, I developed the product Detectagas which is the only way to easily, quickly and safely sensor inclusively test that a CO alarm is fully working and, as the new regulations state, in 'proper working order.
The entire local LGBTQ community of Boston also stands behind them, and now has the ability to honor them inclusively.
During the troop surge of 2007, which included roughly 30,000 troops, American commanders argued that empowering Sunni tribesmen, and beating back insurgent groups, would give politicians in Baghdad breathing room to govern more inclusively.
That is how referendums should be conducted - as inclusively and democratically as possible.
In considering professional development to support teachers working to teach inclusively, two points of tension tend to arise: 1) understandings of inclusivity are varied and often confounded with service delivery models or placement decisions, and 2) teachers working in the current educational climate often do not feel empowered to enact non-sanctioned or divergent practices or curricular moves.
In his address to the UN General Assembly on Saturday, Salva Kiir urged the international community to pressure rebels led by political rival Riek Machar to sign what he called "a crucially important document" that forms the basis for resolving the crisis peacefully and inclusively.
This amount was to be paid inclusively by the all three corporations.