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Synonyms for inclusive

Synonyms for inclusive

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including much or everything


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In terms of sustainability of the work and its importance for teachers, teachers have reported that engaging in the inquiry process and being part of an intellectual community has been paramount to their capacity to not only continue to work inclusively but also work against a sometimes siloed and deprofessionalized climate of schooling.
This amount was to be paid inclusively by the all three corporations.
The exhibition will run from the March 6 to March 13 inclusively.
The Central Election Commission is to announce final results of the votes until June 4 inclusively.
In an extraordinary meeting chaired by Prime Minister Mohammed Salem Basindwa, the cabinet expressed its full support for the Ministries' plans to inclusively reform any deficiencies or weaknesses in the security and military performance.
Discussing methods of achieving sustainable banking, Deputy Governor of CBE Gamal Negm said banks should inclusively finance the market through searching for less funded sectors, such as mortgage finance and small and medium enterprises (SMEs).
This collection of research essays explores different examples of businesses who operate conscientiously and even inclusively of the broader stakeholders in the business.
Perhaps this small step will represent an effort to rebuild from anew, inclusively.
Karam added that FPM is no longer serving the Lebanese interest, inclusively the Christian one.
In compound figures, both time units were measured inclusively but did not overlap.
We actively work in local communities to serve humanity by raising funds for charitable causes, participating in social projects and working inclusively with all people to develop and promote social peace.
He has worked respectfully and inclusively with all of his fellow commissioners, regardless of their political views.
This year's Healthy Living Week is about encouraging inclusively, whether that be including all sectors of our society and communities or inclusiveness in all aspects of our health.
The term utopian has been used inclusively and encompasses anarchism, autonomous Marxism, the thinking of Paulo Freire, and the participatory economics of American radical Michael Albert.
His suspension will run from July 4 to 7 inclusively.