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Synonyms for inclusion

Synonyms for inclusion

the state of being included

the relation of comprising something

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any small intracellular body found within another (characteristic of certain diseases)

the act of including

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The National Bank of the Republic of Belarus (NBRB) has received grant from the Alliance for Financial Inclusion (AFI) to implement a project to facilitate regional cooperation in promoting financial inclusion in Eastern Europe and the CIS.
The Inclusion Quality Mark is designed to create a dialogue about inclusion with objective and supportive evaluation by the IQM team and this results in a model for further growth.
Thus financial inclusion is no longer a policy choice but is a policy compulsion today and financial sector is a key driver for inclusive growth.
These statistics can affect companies' efficiency and profitability, and are just one of many reasons why we believe it pays to think of disability inclusion not as charity, but as valuable workplace diversity.
The union called on financial institutions in Arab countries to adopt a risk-based approach in their application of anti-money laundering techniques and combating the financing of terrorism, so as to enhance financial inclusion, and at the same time reduce the risk of money laundering and terrorist financing.
Developing agent banking regulations, encouraging the development of interoperable electronic money platforms, and creating specific numeric targets within its financial inclusion action plan are concrete steps Turkey could pursue to advance financial inclusion," the report's section on Turkey concluded.
The SCW's advisor for training, Bahija al-Dulaimi, presented a lecture in which she outlined the basic concepts for the inclusion of women's needs and equal opportunity under global trends and the inclusion of women's needs and equal opportunity in the National Action Charter and the Constitution, the mechanism for inclusion of women's needs, cultural and social variance factors impacting on opportunity, rights, duties and the place of women and men.
While emphasizing the need for increasing access to fair and dignified financial services to achieve sustainable economic growth, the Finance Minister said that the NFIS, championed by the State Bank of Pakistan, is consistent with the Government of Pakistans Vision 2025, which calls for enhancing access to credit for small and medium enterprises and focuses on strengthening and deepening of financial inclusion in the country.
He further pointed out that the Government is already working on some of the drivers that the NFIS identifies to catalyze financial inclusion.
The Seminar will illuminate key success factors and challenges in promoting financial inclusion that contributes to greater shared prosperity, financial stability and economic growth.
I accepted a position at the University of Oregon this fall as the vice president overseeing what was formerly known as UO's Office of Institutional Equity and Diversity - now the Office of Equity and Inclusion.
Often there is a surrounding thin clear rim between the acidophilic inclusion and the nuclear membrane.
The patent covers the following steps: forming a billet having a continuous and smooth surface comprised of an extruded cleansing base, placing one or more inclusion masses on the continuous and smooth surface of the billet to form an inclusion bearing billet; stamping the inclusion bearing billet in a direction perpendicular to the surface on which the inclusion mass is placed to embed the inclusion mass or masses into a surface layer of the billet to form a personal washing bar having one or more visually distinct surface inclusions.
Axis Bank, India s third-largest private bank has begun implementing it s rural expansion plans and intends to cover 5,500 villages for financial inclusion by March 2011 and scale it up to 12,000 villages in five years time.
com)-- A majority of companies have employee inclusion strategies in place to engage with ever-diversifying workforces, but many have yet to figure out a way to measure the success of such programs, according to the latest study released today by the Institute for Corporate Productivity (i4cp).