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Information on a large range of Italian equipment for flexible and rigid foams including low-pressure machines, high-pressure pouring, RIM and RRIM systems, and complete turnkey plants.
INDEMNIFICATION: ACCOUNTANT shall hold harmless, defend and indemnify DISTRICT, its agents, officers and employees from and against any liability, claims, actions, costs, damages or losses of any kind, including death or injury to any person and/or damage to property, including DISTRICT property, arising from, or in connection with, the performance by ACCOUNTANT or its agents, officers and employees under this Agreement.
other drug use, sexually transmitted infections, including HIV/AIDS) as well as the behavioral and social consequences (e.
There is plenty to watch on this grand edition of the 1939 epic, including commentary by film historian Rudy Behlmer, a featurette on the restoration process, a 45-minute feature called ``Melanie Remembers: Olivia de Havilland Recalls 'Gone With the Wind,' '' documentaries on Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh, a full-color reproduction of the original 22-page souvenir booklet that was sold from 1939-41 and other extras narrated by Christopher Plummer.
The bills also renew several tax incentives that expired at the end of 2003, including certain tax credits for hiring (the Work Opportunity Tax Credit), and an immediate deduction for certain environmental cleanup costs.
Shaping equipment will be examined during the course, including heads Online, crosshead, coextrusion, breaker plates and screen changers) and dies (types and design criteria, flow, drawdown, sheet dies, profile dies, design computations, die relief strategies and finite element simulation).
The company's workplace protections and benefits for gay employees are comprehensive and rich, including a written nondiscrimination policy that includes sexual orientation and gender identity as well as domestic-partner benefits for all unmarried couples.
assessments to 44 international organizations, including $71.
building equipment and facilities, including heating systems, electrical systems, service aisles, locking devices, air-conditioning and ventilation systems, and lightning protection
OREO Property Management: Myriad reports must be analyzed including deferred maintenance, health and safety issues, daily traffic reports, advertising and marketing, capital and operating budgets, etc.
There are many choices available for under $1,000, including both DOS and Windows products.
It recruits professionals in a variety of areas, including colleges and universities, with salaries starting at 70,000.
Converged Messaging Solutions, including a demonstration over a live IMS network of Comverse's Converged Messaging -- an integrated user experience for all different types of messaging (audio, text and multimedia) and experiences (immediate, session-based and offline) combined with Voicemail, Presence and Avatar Caller ID.
Twin-screw extrusion systems for rigid PVC pipe, siding and profiles including three conical and six parallel twin-screw extruders: Con 40, BEX 54 and DSK 62 conicals; and BEX 92, TS 100/2, TS 92, TS 110, TS 135 and BEX 168 parallels.
Beans: All kinds, including pinto, navy, lima, garbanzo, lentils, green beans, peas and sugar snap peas.