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a simple machine for elevating objects

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Whether on a flat surface, on an inclined plane or a downward slope, every cyclist or one who has ever ridden a bicycle is familiar with the jolt of adrenaline or the gush of endorphins that linger even after one gets off his bicycle.
The six simple machines are the lever, the wheel and axle, the inclined plane, the wedge, the screw, and the pulley.
The horizontal pull method used to describe SCOF above is in D4518, but I used another technique in that standard, one based on placing the coated panel on an inclined plane.
Archimedes Playground introduces interactees to the world of simple machines and turns them into everyday playground equipment, such as an inclined plane zipline and a lever see-saw.
He discovered that Archimedes' inventions relied on five ancient (or simple) machines; wheel and axle, screw, inclined plane, wedge and pulley.
The most obvious connection can be found in the inclined plane experiment described in Galileo's Two New Sciences.
The wheel and axle is one of the "simple six machines," the others being the lever, the pulley, the inclined plane, the wedge and the screw.
The inclined plane, depending on the angle of the irradiating face and the time of day, receives more radiation than the horizontal plane (SEME; STUMBERGER, 2011), with maximum gain of approximately 30% (SCOLAR et al.
Bynum provides no discussion of the insufficiency of contemporary clocks to measure small units of time or of Galileo's ingenuity in using an inclined plane to slow the vertical drop of the ball.
If you need a lever or an inclined plane, the wheel isn't going to do you much good.
A dose dependent skeletal muscle relaxation was exhibited in inclined plane paradigm.
The inclined plane was located incisal to the slot so that there was no contact of the teeth with archwire.
The screw is actually an inclined plane or wedge that's wound spirally around a cylinder in a helical form.
MOTOR COORDINATION TEST: Roxithromycin only showed significant decrease in locomotor activity in inclined plane test.
After running a wide range of tests that characterize properties (slump flow, J-ring, VSI, T-50, V-funnel, column segregation, inclined plane flow test, U and L-box), experts will de-stabilize the mixture with water and restabilize with admixtures.