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a simple machine for elevating objects

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Team Thorp set up its inclined plane to send its coal cart downhill in a controlled manner.
Two-dimensional flow along an inclined plane wall and the impact of Coanda effect on the flow character is described also in the paper of Allery et al.
Often used together, the MoveMaster Chain Conveyor and Bucket Elevator utilize the "EnMasse" principle where bulk materials are induced to move like a liquid through a dust tight steel casing, which can be designed horizontally, on an inclined plane, vertically and around bends.
The conclusive section of the book offers a map showing the main objects of seventeenth-century mechanics representing transformations between them in the sense of a reduction of one to the other such as Galileo's reduction of the inclined plane to the lever or the identification of profound similarities between different objects such as oscillations being characteristic of pendulums, strings, as well as of springs.
An enormous inclined plane jutted out of the wall at eye level, shaped like a series of waves; hundreds of miniature model ships "sailed" atop it, each with the name Lampedusa on its side.
Take an inclined plane and wrap it around a cylinder, and you've got yourself a screw.
Keep on the upper path to the remains of the inclined plane that was built to lift working boats from one canal to another without the time consuming passage through the locks.
Later this was extended by: dictionary use for word meanings; creating new words from existing words, dialoguing through story telling of similar or related-feeling experiences, reactionary journal writing, illustrating the written experience, graphing the favorite rides at an amusement park, polling other fifth graders about favorite things at an amusement park or elsewhere, first designing and simultaneously videoing of a three dimensional inclined plane from card-stock paper using a ping-pong ball to test the effect of the student-designed structure in small-group format, and finally discussing, role-playing and audio-/video-recording the experience of working in a group within the parameters of a specific assignment.
A timber is then placed on an inclined plane from each end of the lintel, raking up to the top bed of the stone uprights, forming two inclined ramps, one each end of the lintel.
The plates were kept rotating (1 rpm) on an inclined plane in an incubator (95% air/5% [CO.
The Grand Union, which goes through Crick and Braunston, will be restored between the Warwickshire-Leicestershire border and the Foxton Inclined Plane in Leicester.
If the rock is deeply buried, you might decide to use an inclined plane.
On the side away from the hill he specified an undulating, inclined plane of glass (structurally flexible to yield to the shock waves of frequent earthquakes), in the manner of a greenhouse, to provide sunlight for interior gardens of bamboo and maple trees planted next to restaurants and other social spaces.
With a suggested daily volume of up to 8,000 sheets** and using Canon's Inclined Plane Separating Mechanism, which helps provide smooth, jam-free feeding, the Canon DR-7090C was designed to withstand continuous use in production scanning environments.
Contract Award Notice: Highland Council have awarded a contract for the conservation of the Tom Beag Inclined Plane near the village of Ballachulish.