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Police and rescue officials were trying their best to get the tourists out of their misery but to no avail, as there seemed to be no letup in the inclemency of the weather.
Police and rescue officials were trying there best to get the tourists out of their misery but to no avail, as there seemed to be no letup in the inclemency of the weather.
It went down well, one publication noting: "Notwithstanding the inclemency of the weather, nearly 2,000 persons had assembled.
who, wearing such a jacket, sat fishing to escape the appointment by the first Eastern Han emperor (133) Zhu Xi promptly sent a poem in which he depicted himself as a fisherman in this jacket, who wanted to leave his biding but was afraid of the "cold wind"--alluding to the unpredictable inclemency of the political climate.
If there is not pity for all sorrows, turn the full and perfect man to meet the inclemency of fate; let not those who have never tasted the pleasures of existence be assailed by any of its sorrows; the eyes which are never gladdened by light should never stream with tears.
The story progresses through immigrant to refugee, the prosecution, the defense, inclemency, doubt, and toward forgetting.
As the boy becomes increasingly aware of his environment, especially the repeated inclemency of the weather on his successive birthdays, it is clear that the moment of political and psychological maturation is gradually dawning even for the villagers in their response to the colonial presence.
Despite all the inclemency they're up against, whitebarks are successful reseeders.
On his way to Philadelphia, Washington passed near the scene of one of his few notable victories, the Christmas night in 1776 when the frostbitten and nearly naked American army, bravely and in defiance of the impediment of inclemency, crossed the Delaware River, surprising the much-feared Hessian mercenaries who were sleeping (or passed out after a night of Christmas cavorting) and completely unaware of the American advance.
As for another of the four, 'Mountain Sprite', the almost negligible clothing of the model, sitting 'on a rock at a turn of a mountain pass', strained credulity in a different way: 'The slight but judiciously placed drapery, the only garment on the young lady, must leave her, one would imagine, painfully exposed to the inclemency of the weather.
Watsuji attributes the "characteristic resignation to the inclemency of nature [that is] often reflected in the religions of Asia" to these unpredictable and destructive natural forces (Najita and Harootunian 244-45).
The Crow Trees men will not keep their fingers crossed for too long, though, for fear of those digits freezing in the arctic Midlands air, such has been this week's inclemency.
7) Others, especially certain very peripheral hunters spread out in small groups across an environment of extremes, are exposed periodically to the kind of inclemency that interdicts travel or access to game.
The Parma weather was just as unforgiving as the cold snap back in Newcastle, and the inclemency had ravaged the pitch.
Hands in pockets mixed with anxious glances at his watch whilst getting rained on by the inclemency of Wolves' recent lack of firepower.