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Synonyms for incite

Synonyms for incite

Synonyms for incite

give an incentive for action

provoke or stir up

urge on


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The Council urged all parents to assume the duty of protecting their children from falling prey into the cobwebs of ill-purposed inciters.
Various sources indicate that many of the inciters have either a Muslim or left-wing background.
We plan on confronting the defendants with evidence we cannot disclose at this point that confirm the existence of anonymous inciters and prove that it wasn't an individual crime," he said.
Indeed, both Block and Rothbard stress the importance of the rioters' free will in their reasoning for opposing liability for inciters.
judgments and inciters are generated [and] like a poem, a story or a play, they frame settings and point to situations of human condition.
The Council in its statement offered its sincere condolences to the family of the fallen policeman, supplicating for a quick healing to those injured, and affirming the Council's firm stance in support of all measures and actions that will enforce the law against the committers of this criminal act, its plotters and their inciters, expressing the Council's trust in the security agencies in confronting all that threatens the Kingdom's security and stability.
The Turkish Premier also criticized, in a press conference after chairing a security meeting held at his office, inciters of recent riots held in various eastern regions of the country against the Turkish government's strategy in Kobane, which saw using of weapons, vandalizing of properties, and burning of vehicles.
The Premier emphasised that "systematic" acts of violence and terrorism must be confronted with vigilance and caution so as to not let inciters of sedition and hate-mongers achieve their evil goals.
The African, Umar Muhammad Saleh Hassan, was one of the inciters to the rioting and was sentenced to death.
Terrorism expert Professor Paul Wilkinson said: "Bin Laden and his deputy, Ayman al-Zawahiri, are the ideological mentors and inciters of terrorism.
GCC states also reiterate their full support to the measures taken by Saudi Arabia to combat terrorism in all its forms and manifestations and arrest the perpetrators of terrorist acts and inciters of sedition and bring them to justice, he added.
KUWAIT, Oct 31 (KUNA) -- The Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior said Wednesday night the law-enforcers rounded up a number of rioters and inciters of violence in residential areas.
HRH Prime Minister: The law applies to participants, inciters of terrorism.
Budaiya, Banu Jamrah citizens slam inciters of sectarian strife, sedition.
The director said that some of the family members were arrested as well as the inmates involved and the inciters.