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Synonyms for incite

Synonyms for incite

Synonyms for incite

give an incentive for action

provoke or stir up

urge on


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9) Monjur Choudhury, 33, of Philip Place, Newcastle: One count of supplying drugs, one count of permitting premises to be used for the supply of drugs, one count of conspiracy to incite prostitution.
Incite LED Media has performed Digital Display deployments since 2007.
Threatening communications This will criminalise threats of violence and threats said to incite religious hatred.
lt;span style="mso-spacerun: yes;"> </span>The strategic benefits of his elimination outweigh whatever backlash the killing itself may incite.
NM Incite gives companies the capabilities to better understand value and take advantage of the rich insights made possible by social media.
NM Incite gives companies the capabilities to better understand, value and take advantage of the rich insights made possible by social media.
Launched in 2003, the INCITE mission is to advance American science and industrial competitiveness.
Due to the overwhelming demand of requests for this platform, we are pleased to be participating in the INCITE program with Argonne and the DOE, and look forward to the results of research conducted on Blue Gene.
A concert by a controversial reggae star has been cancelled at a Birmingham nightclub following claims that he incites violence against homosexuals.
The Moscow court granted the prosecutors' request to bar Jehovah's Witnesses from practicing their religion in the capital under a law that allows Russian courts to ban religious groups that are believed to incite hatred or intolerant behavior.
Whether ``The Passion of the Christ'' will incite similar incidents remains to be seen.
Metze left IDT in June 2001 and founded Incite Response with Papesh three months later.
Fierce and fearless, John Brown had conceived a bold plan: He hoped to incite black slaves throughout the South to rebel and take up arms against their masters.
He said that the California Code, Title 15, Section 3136A, instructs prisons not to allow inmates to receive "any matter of a character tending to incite murder, arson, riot, or any form of violence or physical harm to any person or any ethnic, gender, racial, religious, or other group.