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(anatomy) a notch or small hollow

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The current study was planned to see the correlation between changes in incisure depth of mandible on an orthopantomogram (OPG) with bone mineral density and whether or not it can be employed for screening and early detection of osteoporosis.
Thorax: Pronotum with anterior margin nearly straight, lateral and posterior margins sinuate; anterior margin of pronotum with distinct flattened collar about as wide as diameter of antennal segment 1; pronotum with very deep, wide, transverse impression medially; calli elevated, pronounced, largely confluent; cuneal incisure shallow, fracture angled anteromedially; hind tarsal segment 1 about one-third length of segment 2, segment 3 about two-thirds length of segment 2; hind femora weakly bowed.
The 153 scapulae that did not present the ossified STSL, it was observed in 19,6 % (30/153) of these bones, the superior edge varying in the transverse plan, increasing superior angulation and, modified the width and depth of the scapular incisure.
Monod and Wanverts (in Figun & Garino) located an IOF on a plan (line) which is between the supraorbital incisure and the lip's comissure.