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(anatomy) a notch or small hollow

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This anatomic landmark starts from the peritoneal reflection of the stomach onto the diaphragm, that is, the incisura.
Reflective markers were placed on 10 bony landmarks of the arm and trunk: processus spinosus of the seventh cervical and eighth thoracic vertebra, incisura jugularis, processus xiphoideus, acromioclavicular joint, medial and lateral epicondyle, radial and ulnar styloid, and distal head third metacarpal (Figure 2(b)).
68) A figure-of-eight bandage will not stabilize the radius enough because, when the wing is completely folded, the radius is slightly disarticulated distally from the dorsal humeral condyle by the incisura radialis (an ulnar facet) of the ulna, and minor extension motions can make the radius renew its contact with the humerus, (70) placing this bone in a relative moveable position.
Ventricular branches (VB) : Three to four ventricular branches arose from the left side of the RCA and passed to the anterior surface of the right ventricle; they descended obliquely downwards and to the left towards the incisura (Fig.
Incisura of the crus due to contralateral brain tumor.