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a tooth for cutting or gnawing

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She also had Angle Class II malocclusion with retrusive upper and lower incisors, mildly increased overjet, and severely increased overbite due to both upper- and lower-incisor overeruptions (Figure 1, 2).
Caption: Figure 2: (a) Dental reference points: Upper central incisor apex (U1ap), upper central incisor incisal tip (U1tp), upper first molar mesial root apex (U6ap), upper first molar mesial cusp tip (U6tp), lower central incisor incisal tip (L1tp), lower central incisor apex (L1ap), lower first molar mesial cusp tip (L6tp), and lower first molar mesial root apex (L6ap).
6 The guidance theory7 suggests that the eruption of the canine is influenced by presence, size, shape and positioning of the maxillary lateral incisor while genetic theory8 suggests that the impaction is due to a genetic predisposition.
Constantly growing incisors are the defining feature of all rodents, which rely on these sharp, chisel-like gnashers for burrowing and self-defense as well as gnawing food.
Keywords: Camouflage treatment, class II malocclusion, mandibular incisor extraction
In our case, the maxillary lateral incisor was smaller in size on the left side in comparison with the right.
Molar Incisor Hypomineralization (MIH) is defined as a hypomineralization of systemic origin of one to four permanent first molars, frequently associated with similarly affected permanent incisors.
This case report describes non-surgical treatment with mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA) and a six-year follow-up of a maxillary lateral incisor, resorbed by ectopic eruption of the canine and affected by lateral luxation injury.
Focusing on anterior restorations, he covers mimicking contra-lateral teeth, both maxillary central incisors, both maxillary central incisors and a single lateral incisor, all four maxillary incisors, all maxillary incisors and a single canine, restorations of the six anterior teeth, and other restorations.
5 years old buffalo heifer were presented with history of growth at mandibular incisor region with difficulty in mastication and deglutition from last 5 days and 11 days respectively.
Levin pointed out that "the width of maxillary lateral incisor is in the Golden proportion to the width of the central incisor and also the width of the maxillary canine to the lateral incisor when viewing from the front.
Tenders are invited for Dental Extraction Forceps, Lower Molar Universal forcep, upper incisor cuspid and Bicuspid forcep, Pedo upper universal primary teeth forcep, lower incisor cuspid and bicuspid 5 pedo lower primary teeth and root forcep, right and left upper molar forceps, upper root incisor and fragment forcep, etc
The teeth, a deciduous incisor and an upper deciduous incisor, were respectively found in 1976 and 1992 but so far it had been impossible to establish their origins.