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a furnace for incinerating (especially to dispose of refuse)

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The district health department had requested the Punjab primary and secondary healthcare department a few months ago for installation of incinerator, he said and added that the incinerator would dispose of waste of other hospitals too.
This incinerator with capacity of disposing off 250kg biological waste per cycle is sufficient to manage the disposal process of biological waste of Bahawal Victoria Hospital, Civil Hospital and adjoining DHQ hospitals and THQ hospitals of Bahawalpur division.
The incinerator costs some 50 million rupees which is a gift of Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif to the people of Chiniot , he added.
Biomass UK was granted planning permission to build the incinerator on Woodham Road, Barry Dock, by Vale of Glamorgan Council in September 2015.
Why are incinerators assumed to cause no harm to health when the former Health Protection Agency's (HPA) promise to examine health data (Daily Post, 6 August 2003) was never kept and why is the study into a link between incinerator emissions and infant mortality, which was promised by the HPA in 2011, still unpublished?
However, none of the school's incinerator met the standard guidelines of the DEO both in terms of components and their measurement.
The City and, Synagro Northeast, which is contracted by the City of Waterbury to operate the sewage sludge incinerator, are both responsible under the agreement for the necessary upgrades at the Waterbury sewage sludge incinerator.
As a resident of the town, I fully support the majority who are against the incinerator as over-capacity in incineration undermines waste prevention, the re-use and recycling of materials - although I fully agree that we do need more job opportunities in the town.
The incinerator was closed after failing to meet EEC regulations on emissions and was replaced with a new burner at Haverton Hill.
Commissioner Sargodha Nadeem Mehboob during inspection of newly installed incinerator said that no incinerator was available in the district for disposing of waste in private and public sector hospital while first time this facility was being provided to the DHQ.
The energy-independent sludge incinerator was developed through a joint research program, conducted with participation from manufacturers of sewage-related plants.
Incinerators play a big role in filthy air THE West Midlands is "losing the fight against filthy air" (Birmingham Mail, September 2) because the region has been ignoring the adverse impact of incinerator emissions on health and only sees traffic emissions.
In August 2003, the newly-formed Health Protection Agency (HPAP ) promised to check health data around incinerators, but failed to do so and in May 2011, they promised to check for a link between incinerator emissions and higher infant mortality.
Broward commissioners voted 7-2 on the controversial item , agreeing that Waste Management can shutter the incinerator adjacent to Pompano Beach in northern Broward County.
In a statement, zero waste and chemical safety advocates belonging to the EcoWaste Coalition, Mother Earth Foundation and the Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives said that "waste incineration is a way of cutting corners and taking an easy, not to mention highly toxic and expensive, way out of our waste problems.