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the act of burning something completely

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Phil Capon, a member of BAN Waste, which fought the Byker site, said last night he expected the Lib Dems to rule out incineration, and that he believed the burning of waste had been included on the strategy at officers' behest.
For example, a polyolefin intravenous (IV) bag does not contain chlorine, so it has less potential to produce dioxins through incineration than an IV bag containing polyvinyl chloride (PVC).
He highlighted the possibility of hazards to health and said incineration would not remove the problem of finding more tip sites.
The consensus of the meeting, according to the report, ws that "solid-waste management problems can only be solved by an integrated approach using a combination of source reduction, recycling, waste-to-energy incineration, and landfilling.
The European Union had issued a Waste Incineration Directive (2000/76/EC) in December 2000.
Removal of non-hazardous waste incineration bottom ash from the incineration plant Athanor in La Tronche, and transportation to installation of maturation and development (IME) for recovery or disposal.
Rather than using energy to cool the flue gas, an incineration facility can remove the heat while producing energy in the form of electric power with the Thermapower (TM) Module," said Access Energy Vice President Herman Artinian.
POSCO E&C won the contract amid fierce competition against the world's best-known companies in advanced incineration technology, including CNIM (France), KEPPEL (Belgium), and HITACHI (Japan).
While Viridor Waste Management, Prosiect Gwyrdd and other proponents of incineration continue to advance pseudoscientific claims to distract the public from risks of incineration, we remain dedicated to open discussion and sober analysis of scientifically-defensible facts.
No less a group than the Royal Society calls Defra's publications on waste incineration "potentially misleading", but WAW copies and pastes Defra's politicised finding without hesitation.
THE Journal's bald support for waste incineration (editorial comment, August 9) raises the fiction that technology has miraculously made waste burning safe.
A government-sponsored bill to boost the use of energy generated by solar, wind and other types of renewable sources could increase carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from power generation through waste incineration, a civic group said Monday.
The four had apparently used mountaineering equipment to scale the outside of the 11-story elevator tower adjacent to the incineration plant.
Targets for recycling household waste are not being met and the only answer is incineration, Mr Meacher told the Worcester gathering.
Since its completion in April 1993, the new incineration complex has been undergoing testing.