incidental music

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music composed to accompany the action of a drama or to fill intervals between scenes

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Nowadays, Mendelssohn's 'Overture and Incidental music for A Midsummer Night's Dream', are rarely performed in conjunction with the play they were designed to accompany.
His pieces for theatre productions were based on the notion of incidental music as an independent dramatic figure, thus serving not only as an emotional explication of an action or other events taking place on stage.
Because they only play such a short snippet of the song, it's not like it's part of the story, it's just an incidental music.
The variety of incidental music and tracks covering all genres ensures that the right style of music is always presented to you where and when you require it the most.
Sadly it's also got the things I've come to hate in Spooks - the incidental music composed by people who've had too much Lucozade and not enough fresh air, the duller-than-a-dayold-sandwich Dimitri and ridiculous lady spook Erin Watts in her four-inch heels.
A quartet of musicians, including local favorite Kit Craig, will provide pre-show music and incidental music throughout the evening.
Boyce would surely have loved Royal Ascot; he was widely regarded as one of the most important of English composers and wrote the incidental music for William Shakespeare's The Tempest, Romeo And Juliet and The Winter's Tale.
Lawes composed songs and incidental music for Charles' many masques and other theatrical productions.
This was the first time I had experienced Charpentier's incidental music within the actual play Le malade imaginaire, and it was a sumptuous revelation.
He composed incidental music for radio plays, before launching his music-writing career in 1986, when he began contributing reviews and features to several publications.
As ever, Four Poofs and a Piano will be providing the incidental music and expect Mr Ross to fill us in on the more bizarre things that happened to him this week.
That said, its dashes of Spanish coloring, character dances in Act II, and the bassoon incidental music during Basilio's faked suicide, reminiscent of Prokofiev in "Romeo and Juliet," were quite enjoyable on their own.
This piece, from incidental music by Jacques Ibert (1890- 1862), was originally composed for a nineteenth-century comedy entitled Un chapeau de paille d'ltalie (An Italian Straw Hat).
Roxanna Panufnik's Cavatina and Moravian Dance works up to a finish that could be movie incidental music - not amazingly, considering the film and TV scores she has actually written.