incidental expense

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(frequently plural) an expense not budgeted or not specified

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The Tax Court rejected this argument and said the revenue procedure may apply to three distinct situations: when a traveling employee pays (1) only for meals, (2) for both meals and incidental expenses and (3) only for incidental expenses.
Under incidental expenses he claimed for office supplies, providing receipts, but also between August 2007 and February 2008 he claimed a total of pounds 1,750 - exactly pounds 250 per month - for "petty cash".
The Governmentwide Per Diem Subcommittee presented recommendations for improvements to the per diem rate-setting process and methodology for meals, lodging, and incidental expenses within CONUS.
Under incidental expenses, he claimed for office supplies, providing receipts, but also, between August, 2007, and February, 2008, he claimed a total of pounds 1,750 - exactly pounds 250 per month - for "petty cash".
Revenue procedure 96-64 says 40% of a per diem paid for lodging, meals and incidental expenses is treated as having been paid for food and beverages when the amount is less than the federal rate.
Currently, most incidental expense reports are sent to the board's Executive Office, which pays the bills out of the board's revolving fund, keeps receipts and monitors the charges to guard against abuse.
On top of their pounds 55,118 salaries, MPs are currently entitled to claim up to pounds 72,310 for staffing costs in Westminster and their constituencies, pounds 18,234 for incidental expenses and pounds 19,722 for additional costs - a total of pounds 110,266.
We will provide a ride-leaders pack with all the advice and support needed, a free pedalling picnics T-shirt to commemorate the event, and pay any incidental expenses.
This scholarship only covers the delegate registration fee for the RSA Conference 2010 in San Francisco from March 1 to 5 and does not cover hotel, travel, parking or any other incidental expenses.
This means that if an item needs to be repaired or replaced under warranty, the seller is responsible for shipping costs or other incidental expenses.
Hotel accommodation can cost between Dh300 and Dh400 and incidental expenses count for another Dh80.
But like the allowance for incidental expenses, money can be transferred from one year to the next.
Incidental expenses, covering office and constituency costs, accounted for pounds 12.
The prize includes return Eurostar travel from London Waterloo and pounds 200 for incidental expenses.
Last year, Gareth Thomas's combined incidental expenses and staff allowance was pounds 90,512.