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Synonyms for incidental

Synonyms for incidental

not part of the real or essential nature of a thing

Synonyms for incidental

(frequently plural) an expense not budgeted or not specified

an item that is incidental

Related Words

(sometimes followed by 'to') minor or casual or subordinate in significance or nature or occurring as a chance concomitant or consequence



not of prime or central importance

following or accompanying as a consequence

References in classic literature ?
I hope, however, to be able to show that sterility is not a specially acquired or endowed quality, but is incidental on other acquired differences.
The foregoing rules and facts, on the other hand, appear to me clearly to indicate that the sterility both of first crosses and of hybrids is simply incidental or dependent on unknown differences, chiefly in the reproductive systems, of the species which are crossed.
He often shoots out incidental humorous or satirical shafts.
He saw that Russia has splendid land, splendid laborers, and that in certain cases, as at the peasant's on the way to Sviazhsky's, the produce raised by the laborers and the land is great--in the majority of cases when capital is applied in the European way the produce is small, and that this simply arises from the fact that the laborers want to work and work well only in their own peculiar way, and that this antagonism is not incidental but invariable, and has its roots in the national spirit.
Sir John had his share--perhaps rather a large share--of the more harmless and amiable of the weaknesses incidental to humanity.
Hartright on our first introduction to one another, but I soon discovered that he was not free from the social failings incidental to his age.
It had the fault of frequent repetition, incidental to all such prayers; but it was plain and comprehensive in its doctrines, and breathed a tone of general sympathy and charity, which is not so commonly a characteristic of this form of address to the Deity as it might be.
In a word, she passed with great decency through all the ceremonies incidental to such occasions; and being supported upstairs, was deposited in a highly spasmodic state on her own bed, where Miss Miggs shortly afterwards flung herself upon the body.
The Jew wiped his forehead: and smiled, as if it were a relief to have the disturbance over; but neither he, nor Sikes, nor the dog, nor the boys, seemed to consider it in any other light than a common occurance incidental to business.
he would beg leave to go through that little incidental procedure, as a matter of form.
Things were not going well with them then, and though it nearly broke Teta Elzbieta's heart, they were forced to dispense with nearly all the decencies of a funeral; they had only a hearse, and one hack for the women and children; and Jurgis, who was learning things fast, spent all Sunday making a bargain for these, and he made it in the presence of witnesses, so that when the man tried to charge him for all sorts of incidentals, he did not have to pay.
Concrete individuals make their appearance in De anima under the title of incidental perceptible objects (aistheton kata sumbebekos), but this designation does little to clarify Aristotle's position.
Operating income excluding incidentals grew 20 percent to 1,072 million [euro] (2013: 897 million [euro]), reflecting higher benefits from ongoing operational efficiency programs and lower restructuring charges, offset by higher adverse incidental items.
The Association for Molecular Pathology (AMP), the premier global, non-profit organization serving molecular laboratory professionals, announced that The Journal of Molecular Diagnostics today published a Special Article titled, "Reporting Incidental Findings in Genomic Scale Clinical Sequencing A Clinical Laboratory Perspective.
3] According to the TNM staging system, incidental tumour in less than 5% of resected prostate tissue is subclassified in clinical stage T1a; tumour found in more than 5% of resected tissue is subclassified as T1b.
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