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small hairless caterpillar having legs on only its front and rear segments

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com)-- On February 17, The Co-Op, a promotional collective from Introverse Media, proudly announced representation for the band And How and the new album Inchworm.
The Inchworm was a song in a 1952 musical about which author?
Not only does that not matter, but if that wrongness comes in the service of a reaching, the sense, to borrow a metaphor from Jeffrey Ford, of an inchworm at the end of a branch, stretching and repeatedly groping for something beyond, then it may even be something to celebrate.
The movement of the tip was controlled in the x, y, and z directions using optically encoded inchworm piezo motors.
Thanks to Perry's well-connected girlfriend, Paula, Inchworm is touring Europe.
The researchers let inchworm moths of two species (Jankowskia fuscaria and Hypomycis roboraria) to land on a tree bark and to freely choose the final resting spot and body orientation.
Even though from time to time he compromised his heart to accommodate to the world he would retract his traces like the inchworm so that the square inch space of his heart remained profoundly tranquil, and he would continue as before in mystic contemplation of hills and streams.
An inchworm with colorful segments, a butterfly with multicolored wings, and a pizza with colorful pepperoni and mushrooms were just some of the results.
The book Inchworm and a Half (Pinczes, 2001) is a nice example of the measurement interpretation, but does not involve the context of food.
That said, both the A20 and the new Zulu are a treat to wear, and noise-cancelling technology has gotten so good that trying to hear which headset is quieter is like trying to count hairs on an inchworm.
An early version of another robot undulates across Josh Bongard's lab like a big metal inchworm.
Allyson Tysall's paintings of close-up body parts are also quite challenging, plus Inchworm, a set of photos measuring distances on a woman's naked body against a backdrop of tape measures.
Whether it's an eight-foot tall flower or a curious inchworm, each sculpture will bring a smile to the faces who see it.
Routinely I found an inchworm crawling on my shoulder, making its funereal path to my jaw, strands of web strung from my glasses.