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Synonyms for inchworm

small hairless caterpillar having legs on only its front and rear segments

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Arriving with the latest album Inchworm, this band which sounds so steeped in classic '60s and '70s strategy couldn't be more modern in construction.
The book Inchworm and a Half (Pinczes, 2001) is a nice example of the measurement interpretation, but does not involve the context of food.
An early version of another robot undulates across Josh Bongard's lab like a big metal inchworm.
Allyson Tysall's paintings of close-up body parts are also quite challenging, plus Inchworm, a set of photos measuring distances on a woman's naked body against a backdrop of tape measures.
Routinely I found an inchworm crawling on my shoulder, making its funereal path to my jaw, strands of web strung from my glasses.
TTW ask students what the inchworm measured and why he measured it.
The Crab even has light sensors to help it seek out dark places to hide, while the Inchworm has seven-way steering and a remote control.
WMF has also recently added items to its kids' collection, called Kids World, which include blue and pink ball whisks, a chopping board with an inchworm handle, aprons, and a knife and peeler.
Outside in the garden there's probably a Big Bad Wolf huffing and puffing in the hollyhocks and an inchworm measuring the marigolds.
It's kind of like an inchworm, inching up a tree," Will Orr says as he demonstrates the technique of bringing his knees into his chest and sliding up his ascender, then a "magic knot" or friction hitch.
His mouth tried to form a smile, stretching and shrinking like an inchworm.
Animal Actions--Race using animal movements: leap like a frog, hop like a kangaroo, inch like an inchworm, or slither like a snake.
The inchworm is a very interesting critter because it has four prehensile legs up front and four in the back.
Other topics include circumscribed mass detection in digital mammograms, symbolic noise analysis in Gm-C filters, an inchworm robot prototype for robust exploration, and pedagogical virtual agents to support training of human groups.
Inch the Inchworm says: ``Success is being the most popular kid at school and having the most friends.