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Synonyms for inchoative

aspect with regard to the beginning of the action of the verb

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beginning to develop

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7) The reason for this irregularity is to be found in the different lexical-class ascription of each of the two verbs: whereas break is a change-of-state predicate, destroy codes cessation of existence, which prevents it from taking part into the inchoative construction (see Mairal and Ruiz de Mendoza, 2009; Ruiz de Mendoza and Pena, 2008).
b) And later than non-alternating "se" in anticausative inchoative (1) and reflexive (2) verbs, because in these cases the clitic is an expletive nominal item that is inserted to satisfy certain formal features.
For other examples of the -sc stem used in inchoative verbs, see florescere, adolescere, obmutescere, and the closest analogy, consanescere.
Ultimately the compositional chronology may not matter: because of the myth it tells, De raptu already contains the epithalamial, whether as deployment of existing models or in anticipation of this inchoative genre (represented by the one poem from Statius).
We find enjambment to the third degree where the line break also cuts through the middle of a (compound) noun phrase or verb phrase (12 cases), as in lines 1-2 of stanza 2: the audience's /line and lines 3-4 of the fifth stanza: a quarrel / arises (in the original, a four-character inchoative verb compound, one word broken in two: zheng-chao /qi-lai).
d) Inchoative relation: Could we consider the narrating function as an inchoative development inhering and subsisting in Borges, as a change of state?
This fifth type of se is a morphological reflex ("marker") of the lexical process of "Destransitivizing" an inchoative verb (i.
Professional development is an essential component in the basic infrastructure needed to propel film and video preservation forward in libraries and, although inchoative developmentally, the emerging trend toward university-based programs signals progress, It will take time and require considerable support, but its importance as an essential step in building responsible and reliable preservation programs for moving images cannot be underestimated.
Sixthly, the inchoative -o ending verb stem ho `become'
who mentions Latin verbs with the inchoative suffix -sco to be occasionally rendered by passive constructions (176-7).
Un homme dont la pensee est universelle, inscrite dans le temps et dans le mouvement, ouverte et inchoative.
Certainly, with the revelation of the Son of God, this new reality has entered our world, but only in an inchoative way, such as at "the time of dawn, when darkness and light are intermingled," as Ratzinger explains with reference to the commentary of St.
However, the intransitive uses can in fact be regarded as examples of the inchoative construction in which the true causal agent is implicit.
shatter, burst, etc), can participate in the inchoative construction (The bottle broke/shattered, The tire burst).
The most frequent English construction, take a + N (7), as the most frequent one, is highlighted in order to point out another parallel, namely, that the essential constructional meaning of lexical aspect in terms of its inchoative or punctual value finds its translational equivalent in Croatian prefixed verbs such as: popiti 'have/take a drink', otpiti have/'take a sip', zagrliti 'have/take a hug', poljubiti 'give a kiss', nasmijati se 'give a laugh', udahnuti 'take a breath'.