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Synonyms for inchoative

aspect with regard to the beginning of the action of the verb

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beginning to develop

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Inactive and inchoative verb stems express state changes without reference to their cause.
This includes lines that consist of a nominal + inchoative, adverb + verb and nominalised verb + verb (e.
The final lines of the sermon bring together these two great religious emotions in an instruction that may open to us the depth dimension of the sages' teaching on the fear of the Lord: "For this fear is inchoative [beginning] love, and this love is consummative fear.
Resipiscere combines the verb sapere, "to think, discern, or be wise," with the inchoative stem -sc, which suggests a process of becoming, and the prefix re-, which implies a return to an earlier state.
Professional development is an essential component in the basic infrastructure needed to propel film and video preservation forward in libraries and, although inchoative developmentally, the emerging trend toward university-based programs signals progress, It will take time and require considerable support, but its importance as an essential step in building responsible and reliable preservation programs for moving images cannot be underestimated.
Sixthly, the inchoative -o ending verb stem ho `become'
According to Dahl (2000b: 351), the usage of inchoative verbs for future time reference is in fact spreading in several languages of Northern Europe.
If an entailed-result verb representing the causing event and an inchoative verb representing the resulting event occur in sequence in the serial verb construction, these two verbs will be coerced by the construction to express a sequence of causing and resulting events without a noticeable time span.
Appendix 1: Abbreviations A transitive subject ANG ang-class intransitive subject or object (historically an old neuter) DEM demonstrative FUT future IMP imperative HAB habitual INCH inchoative ITER iterative O object OBL oblique OPT optative pl plural PP past perfective PST past sg singular 1, 2, 3 first, second, third person > 'acts upon', for example, 3p1A>30 'third person plural subject acts upon third person singular object'.
Apparent" perception is the prototypical Humean model in which experience is characterized as an unending stream of isolated, unconnected sense impressions; "fundamental" perception, a "deeper mode," is discovered in the inchoative "feeling" the perceiver has of being influenced by the world.
It is, of course, a theological commonplace that the Eucharist, in the full sense of the word, is the high point of both the expression of and the inchoative realization of the Church's marital covenant relationship with God.
In Estonian and Finnish research this kind of derivation (in addition to continuative and inchoative derivation) is called modifying derivation--seen typically as adding to the quality of action by modifying the semantics of the stem without changing its valence or subject-object relations (cf.
Stative roots either do not allow reduplication, or they reduplicate to express an inchoative reading, a habitual reading, or a reading as a temporary state of being (see [6]).