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Synonyms for inchoate

Synonyms for inchoate

having no distinct shape

Synonyms for inchoate

only partly in existence


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Early on, Whittall speaks of "the evolution of twentieth-century music" in terms of "the aesthetic counterpoles of Apollo and Dionysus," and cites Schoenberg's and Stravinsky's recognition of the Nietzschean dictum that "'When the Dionysian element rules, ecstasy and inchoateness threaten; when the Appoline predominates, the tragic feeling recedes'" (p.
Then Harry "[shakes] his head at the wonder of it and cursed from the very inchoateness of the terrible unnamed feeling," leaving the reader and Percival to question whether this feeling is tied to the fact that Lance is a young knight or possibly the son of this man (p.
The need for further study, however, by no means diminishes the value of this chapter, but demonstrates the inchoateness of Persian historiographical studies.
One might expect here a degree of inchoateness or inconclusion, a sense of the "excess," of the difficulty of "phrasing" of the Shoah (Friedlander, "Trauma, Memory" 262).