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Synonyms for inchoate

Synonyms for inchoate

having no distinct shape

Synonyms for inchoate

only partly in existence


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Should the following two realities be maintained, namely that "the Church comes to be from the 'breathing out' of the Spirit in Jesus's death and from his opened side, and [it] comes to be in virtue of the fact that the feminine assent to all that God wills becomes the inexhaustible fruitfulness of the new Eve," then we can see the Church, as subject, is ontologically present inchoately in Mary as the companion-bride of Christ.
2) Donna Richardson notes that "as in Wordsworth's poems, Margaret already inchoately feels what the adult later 'will know' more consciously" ("Romantic Agony or Roman Agon: Hopkins's 'Spring and Fall,'" VIJ 20 [1992]: 161).
9) Most of the Seattle demonstrators, according to William Tabb, 'had the sort of class analysis which working people intuitively, if inchoately, often have .
The significance of a vow lies in its ability to embrace the mystery of a life's telos at the beginning and to live out its surprises despite what is inchoately anticipated.
Not pointedly referenced, this errant pronoun, one of Faulkner's favorite devices of ambiguity, alternates between the Mississippi honeysuckle, loaded with valences of Caddy, and the rain, an obsessive noise, registering in Benjy's head, as the reader, recalling Benjy's olfactory acumen, suspects inchoately that the "it" of the "smell" that Quentin signals also intimates the aromas of mortality, with vaguely sexual overtones.
Rather, the current strain is wrought of a convergence of forces, complicating manifestations of history, ideology, experience, and ambition that have always swirled around the German-American relationship, however inchoately.
The most effective poets, it seems to me, understand that their art depends on their access to their original narratives, those life studies that, involuntarily, inchoately, dream their way back to us.