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the use of a spirometer to measure vital capacity

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C-8789 set of incentive spirometry, including tip, corrugated tube, scale for measurement of volume inspired with minimum capacity 2,500 cc, descartable.
The 2-week inpatient rehabilitation program emphasized patient and caregiver training on transfers, bowel and bladder care, incentive spirometry, nutrition, and skin care.
In the first 1-5 postoperative days, patients spent up to 120 minutes doing incentive spirometry, up to 720 minutes doing continuous positive airway pressure, up to 120 minutes doing intermittent positive pressure breathing, and up to 120 minutes on the various physical therapies.
Contract awarded for incentive spirometry unit , including tip , corrugated tube , scale for measurement of volume inspired with minimum of 2500cc capacity , descartable.
This comprehensive 310-page report from Medtech Insight includes analyses of technologies, products, current and forecast markets, competitors, and opportunities in anesthesia equipment and monitoring; adult, pediatric, neonatal, transport, and noninvasive ventilators; laboratory blood gas analyzers, co-oximeters, arterial blood gas sampling, point-of-care analyzers, in vivo and ex vivo blood gas monitoring, oximeters, and capnography/end-tidal carbon dioxide monitors; spirometry, pulmonary function and exercise testing products; and accessories such as incentive spirometry, peak-flow meters, ventilator circuits, aerosol administration, manual resuscitators, masks, and laryngeal mask airway products.