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the use of a spirometer to measure vital capacity

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Incentive spirometry (IS) is a nonpharmacological intervention widely used to treat and prevent pulmonary complications during the postoperative period (Tyson, Kendig, Mabedi, Cairns & Charles, 2015).
Comparison of post-operative atelectasis in patients undergoing coronary artery bypass grafting with and without pre-operative incentive spirometry.
For example, patients in Stage 2 needed more intensive monitoring than patients in Stage 3, whereas the needs of Nutritional Care, IV Administration, Orthotics Management, Incentive Spirometry Care, Pain Management, Blood Transfusion, Wound Care, Blood Draw, Incontinence Care, and Drain Management were not different by stage.
In Group I, there were patients in whom incentive spirometry was done before surgery (Study group).
Incentive Spirometer (IS) group consisted of patients who were educated about the Incentive Spirometry technique 3 days before surgery.
Incentive spirometry should not be routinely provided following abdominal surgery.
The incentive spirometry requires work on the respiratory muscles, generating greater motor unit recruitment and thus muscle strengthening [36].
17, 18, 19) Prophylactic continuous positive airway pressure and incentive spirometry effectively prevents pulmonary complication.
We developed a 2-week rehabilitation program that emphasized training in transfers, skin care, nutrition, and pulmonary exercise with incentive spirometry.
In the first 1-5 postoperative days, patients spent up to 120 minutes doing incentive spirometry, up to 720 minutes doing continuous positive airway pressure, up to 120 minutes doing intermittent positive pressure breathing, and up to 120 minutes on the various physical therapies.
Incentive spirometry Cough and deep breathing Patient mobility 7.
Consequently, incentive spirometry often is recommended for inpatients requiring opioid analgesia (Miller et al.
Contract awarded for set of incentive spirometry, including tip, corrugated tube, scale for measurement of volume inspired with minimum capacity 2,500 cc, descartable.
Incentive spirometry and breathing exercises were done by the patient for the improvement of lung function post surgery.
Contract awarded for incentive spirometry unit , including tip , corrugated tube , scale for measurement of volume inspired with minimum of 2500cc capacity , descartable.