incentive scheme

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a formal scheme for inducing someone (as employees) to do something

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The final fixtures incentive scheme will be worth a total of pounds 5.
It is for this reason that we reward them with special incentive schemes such as this," he said.
The Chancellor ducked out of fielding questions on the future of Railtrack's 250,000 out-of-pocket private shareholders at the relaunch of one of his employee share incentive schemes yesterday.
The 2000 incentive scheme, in addition to increasing the payments for all-weather meetings in the winter by pounds 500 to pounds 9,500, will hand out small amounts-pounds 2,000 or pounds 3,200 depending on the time-to courses staging Flat racing in the summer for the first time.
He also clocked up pounds 337,000 in free shares and pounds 168,197 from the long-term incentive scheme.
After interest income, share incentive scheme charges, depreciation, amortisation and share of other losses, the loss before tax was pounds 3.
If it hadn't been for the cash incentive scheme we just couldn't have done this," says Hannah.
The association's parent organisation, the Renewable Energy Association, was a key player in setting up the Renewable Heat Incentive scheme in 2011.
com)-- Procon Capital launches a new revolutionary "Trade and Take" incentive scheme in commodities.
Railways have also introduced a number of schemes to attract traffic to Rail, namely Incentive scheme for Incremental Traffic, Incentive scheme for traditional Empty Flow Direction etc.
This safety incentive scheme is based upon the safety performance achieved by the workforce on the Montrose Area Redevelopment Jacket project.
THE minimum spend for the Home Renovation Incentive Scheme has been lowered by [euro]675.
FIRMS have offered more than 21,000 jobs to young people at risk of long-term unemployment under a Government wage incentive scheme, ministers said.
acquired these shares under an employee incentive scheme.
HOUSE hunters looking for a new build property can now take advantage of 95 per cent mortgage being offered as an incentive by Miller Homes West Midlands, Available under the Home Exchange scheme, it means clients who want to buy from Miller but need to sell their existing home would have a guaranteed purchaser through Miller Homes and only need a five per cent deposit to secure their new home using the Government-backed incentive scheme NewBuy*.