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an option granted to corporate executives if the company achieves certain financial goals

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Carriere has received incentive options under the Company's Stock Option Plan.
The Overseas Tour Extension Incentive program offers eligible enlisted members the opportunity to receive their choice of one of four incentive options for extension the DoD tour length for 12 months or more.
According to Toyota spokeswoman Celeste Migliore as reported in CNN, 'Toyota is reviewing all incentive options in consideration of current competitive market conditions and support of our dealers nationally.
IT industry trade association CompTIA said on Monday that it is partnering with IT incentive management solutions provider MTCPerformance to boost sales incentive options for IT channel companies.
voted to give President and Chief Executive Officer Dean Goodermote $683,814 in merit-based incentive options for meeting revenue and profit targets.
UnitedHealthcare works with employers to develop tailored communications campaigns that educate employees about their benefits, explain the incentive options and promote participation in health assessment and appropriate screenings.
Overall, officers and specialists looking at assignments in those countries had better information, quicker turn-around in the vetting process and more incentive options than ever.
The best way to relate to this new work force is to push a flexible menu of incentive options to senior leadership in the field.
However, many lenders - such as the Newcastle Building Society - recognise how expensive the mortgage process can be, which is why they offer a wide range of incentive options on mortgages such as waiving certain fees and higher lending charges.
The rationale is that because incentive options are usually granted "at the money" (i.
Price points, billing cycles, and incentive options were discussed, including ways to use integrity to make site membership a safe investment.
Companies will treat nonqualified and incentive options differently.
Bills offering a range of retirement incentive options, most supported by the insurance industry, were introduced separately that same day by Rep.
The incentive options represent KapCorp's contingent future expenses that are intended to be covered by the extra future revenues they would help create.
Employees and clients were thrilled by the variety of incentive options.