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Synonyms for incense



Synonyms for incense

to cause to feel or show anger

excessive, ingratiating praise

Synonyms for incense

a substance that produces a fragrant odor when burned

the pleasing scent produced when incense is burned

perfume especially with a censer

make furious

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This year that bit of luck was claimed almost immediately, in less than 3 seconds, by 21 year old Zhuo Wenzhen, who battled against a crown of mostly young men, to plant her incense in the burner with a single decisive motion.
Chakra Aroma Incense sticks, composed of pure and natural essential oils blended with aromatic materials at the company's state-of-the-art factory based at the heart of India were well received by the global market.
Gold Box: 25 pieces of incense, 25 lucky eggs, 16 lure modules and 50 great b
Incense Sticks are not only used for Spiritual purpose, but also used for Meditation purpose.
To protect the environment and to prevent hill fires, the spokesman encouraged members of the public to use flowers to replace incense burning to pay tribute and respect to their ancestors.
To our knowledge, this study is the first that has analyzed the associations between prenatal incense burning and birth outcomes.
However there are fears that incense commonly used in religious services may fall under the provisions of the Bill.
Many theories have been put forth about why Christians-and before them, Jews--started using incense as part of their religious practice.
Its decline began long ago, when early Christian leaders condemned the use of incense as a pagan tradition, but modern globalization has conspired to undermine the trade further.
The five are stones, incense, drums, crosses and bread.
Incense clouds at Mass and the inability to receive Communion can force some Catholics to cover their face or get out of the pew because of allergies or a sensitivity to wheat.
The berries allow for a burst of refreshing fruity aromas while the incense and vanilla give off a musky, relaxing vibe.
99 Variety Packs that include cannabis-like herbal incense, ecstasy-style pills and "bath salts" powder said to have similar effects to taking cocaine or the anaesthetic ketamine.
The use of incense in Chinese civilisation goes back a long way, giving birth to a rich incense culture along with a great variety of instruments for incense burning.