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Synonyms for incense



Synonyms for incense

to cause to feel or show anger

excessive, ingratiating praise

Synonyms for incense

a substance that produces a fragrant odor when burned

the pleasing scent produced when incense is burned

perfume especially with a censer

make furious

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These services, which will be supplied by INCENSe partners, include a six-month acceleration programme, additional coaching sessions, tailored workshops on European funding programmes, possibility of accessing test beds in Spain (Smart City Malaga), Denmark (Next Step City Living Lab in Esbjerg) and Italy, as well as brokerage events during which startups will be able to present their projects to Business Angel investors.
In a letter to the Home Affairs Committee, the Association of English Cathedrals warned: "We wish to express our concern that the term 'psychoactive substances' in the Psychoactive Substances Bill can be interpreted so broadly that it risks criminalising the use of incense in cathedrals, churches and other places of worship as, we assume, an unintended consequence of the Bill's drafting.
Incense is a perfect example of this; it reminds a congregation that the entire world is sacred.
Local producers and sellers of traditional incense, such as Raheem, have been struggling to compete ever since the arrival of these cheaper alternatives.
Following this, the inspectors intensified raids on perfume and incense shops to ensure the markets are free of duplicate products.
Instead of asking whether all gods are the same (they aren't), we might have renewed respect for each other if we begin in wonder of why so many of us carry stones, burn incense, beat drums, regard crosses, and eat bread as part of our religious devotion.
In contrast with outdoor air pollution, incense exposure may be easier for an individual to avoid, but Yeatts says education will be needed to help people understand the risks of these exposures, similar to educational campaigns about cigarette smoking.
Last month a man, aged 44, suffered a fatal heart attack after smoking herbal incense in Manchester.
It is not clear if the Georgia outbreak of illnesses related to the incense are related to similar problems in Colorado that sent about 150 people to emergency rooms in September.
Dubai: Residents who burn incense such as oud and bakhoor in their homes -- a cultural practice -- have been cautioned about the potential risk of inflammation of the lungs.
Washington, Aug 3 ( ANI ): Burning incense generates indoor air pollutants that may cause inflammation in human lung cells, a new study has found.
The finest incense It has been agreed since ancient times that the finest incense, frankincense, came from the Dhofar province of Southern Oman.
Featuring unique and exquisite shapes and designs, Mabkhara is a traditional Arab incense burner, an authentic object typically used as daily domestic activities in the Arab world.
8221;, announced today that they have recently selected Wild Berry Incense to be a part of the popular television series.
THE use of incense in different cultures throughout the world goes back not just centuries but millennia.