incendiary bomb

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a bomb that is designed to start fires

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Twenty-four high explosive bombs and between 100 and 150 incendiary bombs fell in swampy ground near a village in the North East.
CARNAGE: The Blitz on Swansea Incendiary bombs were also dropped over Swansea and its town centre was engulfed in a firestorm of flames.
SOLIHULL'S Touchwood Shopping Centre was evacuated on Saturday afternoon when a member of the public walked into a police station with a wartime incendiary bomb.
NORTHERN IRELAND was on alert last night against a new wave of incendiary bomb attacks.
An incendiary bomb was placed in a food store, with security in place to ward off strangers.
MORE than 1000 people were evacuated from their homes late last night amid fears a gas cylinder could have exploded with the force of an incendiary bomb.
Edith Spackman was working late at Canton library one winter's night in 1941 when an incendiary bomb dropped through the roof.
The building was hit by an incendiary bomb on May 5, 1941, and still stands as a burned-out shell and unofficial memorial to those who lost their lives in the Blitz.
Dissident republicans have been responsible for a series of incendiary bomb attacks on DIY stores in the last week.
The original market hall, constructed in 1835, was gutted by an incendiary bomb in 1940, and continued to be used, despite having no roof, until it was swept away in the redevelopment of the 1960s.
Our home was demolished by a high incendiary bomb in April 1941 and we lost everything, being forced to sleep out in the fields in Keresley, hot drinks and blankets were provided for us.
The incendiary bomb had gone through the roof and a mattress caught fire, so the people in there grabbed hold of it and tried to put it through the landing window on the side of the house.
Two of the chaps gave me some information that I didn't know - that at least one incendiary bomb dropped on the cottage at the Netherton end of the wood at the bottom of Bill Gate, the home in those days of the Baxter family and, Les Baxter (former Fartown rugby player) is said to have gone on to the roof to throw it off.
In the late evening of Monday May 5 1941 the church at the corner of Leece Street and Berry street was hit by an incendiary bomb during the blitz.
It is believed the device was a 2lb incendiary bomb dropped during German bombing raids in the area during World War II.