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Synonyms for incautious

Synonyms for incautious

Antonyms for incautious

lacking in caution

carelessly failing to exercise proper caution

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The savage, like the tiger, rarely makes his attack on an enemy who expects him; and if the warriors of the Tetons meditated any hostility, it was in the still and patient manner with which the feline beasts watch for the incautious moment, in order to ensure the blow.
It was not the dullest part of this goad in its galling of Bradley Headstone, that he had made it himself in a moment of incautious anger.
But this stirred Raskolnikov's spleen more than ever and he could not resist an ironical and rather incautious challenge.
C Cause of death: "An incautious self-overdosage" of barbiturates.
It said the National Democratic Alliance government had displayed a"heedless, incautious and shortsighted attitude"when it comes to national security.
Rocks thrust upward through the earth's crust, often shattered, unstable leg-breakers and ankle-busters; old aircraft wreckage featuring violently torn knife-edged scrap teeming with tetanus; the corpses of giant trees felled by lightning or disease, their sharp, splintered bones sticking up like huge punji stakes to skewer you like a kebab, or the worst: Naturally-occurring sinkholes with steep, slick, crumbling sides falling sometimes a 100 feet or more below ground-level to a pit of sodden death-rot; a soup of fermenting bacteria and miasmic vapors, slow-cooking incautious animals--and men.
Now, though, it is not just Foreign Office tactics that may be blamed for Zaghari-Ratcliffe's continued imprisonment, but incautious words from the Johnson himself.
He said some wildly incautious things about his boss, his colleagues, and his strategy linking white nationalism to economic nationalism.
Unfortunately, some victims' advocate organizations, ambitious politicians, and incautious media sources have further "tarred" FACE by repeating the myth that FACE would like the Education Department to "roll back" campus sexual assault victim protections or cease enforcing civil rights laws.
Though known to be a pan-Arabist, Mrowa earned a reputation for open and incautious criticism of Egypt's then-President Gamal Abdel-Nasser.
Let us also remind you that all those willing to secure themselves against incautious borrowing, may use the possibility to be entered on the Bank of Lithuania-administered list, of persons who are not allowed to be granted consumer credit.
Politically, too, the US cannot afford serious conflict with China, given the growing crisis on the Korean Peninsula, which North Korean provocations and Trump's incautious reaction have brought to the fore.
Incautious users might also click links in emails and on web pages that introduce malware.
Coupled with the government's desire to crack down on anyone who does not display full obedience, the movement pulled its incautious support from the Justice and Development Party (AK Party).
In the recent past, accidents and casualties have been frequent in Oman due to incautious vehicle drivers venturing into dare-devil driving on the slippery roads and while crossing overflowing wadis.