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And in "who saw the world incarnadined, the current flowing" (3) not only does the book's title occur, but also what seems a clear reference to William Stafford's "Ceremony," a poem that describes an accidental muskrat bite along a river:
That was something the ocean would remember: I saw me in the current flowing through the land, rolling, touching roots, the world incarnadined, and the river richer by a kind of marriage.
Even the soles of her feet become objects of signal beauty in their pads and hollows and the incarnadined creases of the under-toes.
For the poet Robert Southey he was `Pre-eminently bad among the worst: but even Southey, when writing of `those crimes which have incarnadined his soul with a deeper dye than that of the purple for which he committed them -- those acts of perfidy midnight murder, usurpation and remorseless tyranny, which have consigned his name to universal execration, now and for ever', freely acknowledged that prior to 1798, 'his career had been glorious .