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Ultrasound in the diagnosis of incarcerated hernia.
In 1991 Horgan et al described a case of a perforated appendicitis within a left-sided incarcerated hernia containing multiple loops of small bowel, appendix, caecum, and a portion of the right colon (5).
She tells me of an uninsured man with an incarcerated hernia who came to the emergency room in need of immediate surgery.
A two-month old baby, Hone *, was admitted to the paediatric ward, following prolonged and traumatic attempts by junior doctors to reduce his incarcerated hernia.
1%) Each of the following diagnoses occurred in 1 patient: metabolic acidosis, hematoma, hematuria, incarcerated hernia, pancreatic cancer, cholecystitis; diveriticulitis, pancreatitis, bronchitis, herpes zoster, patellar/wrist fracture.
Related physical findings are rare since the incarcerated hernia is located posterior to the pectineus and adductor longus muscles (5).