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Both thrombosed RLV and incarcerated hernias are indiscernible by clinical findings.
Therefore incarcerated hernia bag remained undetected.
Ultrasound in the diagnosis of incarcerated hernia.
The CT of the abdomen and pelvis did not support an incarcerated hernia, nor did the physical examination support an urgent or emergent surgical need.
In 1991 Horgan et al described a case of a perforated appendicitis within a left-sided incarcerated hernia containing multiple loops of small bowel, appendix, caecum, and a portion of the right colon (5).
The case study reported involved a 58year-old woman suffering from PBC who developed an incarcerated hernia and uncontrolled hydrothorax after undergoing UDCA treatment.
Exclusion criteria was female patients, patients presenting with recurrent hernia, huge hernia, obstructed hernia, inflamed hernia, incarcerated hernia, sliding hernia, cardiac or renal failure or patients having a chronic debilitating disease.
Recovery after surgery is excellent in presence of a reducible or incarcerated hernia is also reported by Peddie (1980).
She tells me of an uninsured man with an incarcerated hernia who came to the emergency room in need of immediate surgery.
In a 2006 study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, 364 men with minimally symptomatic hernias were assigned to watchful waiting, while another 356 were designated to undergo surgery Only one of the men in the watchful waiting group developed an incarcerated hernia within two years, while 23 percent of them crossed over and underwent surgery, due to increasing hernia-related pain.
Differential diagnoses to consider include gastroenteritis, Meckel's diverticulum, malrotation with midgut volvolus, or an incarcerated hernia (Irish, Pearl, Caty, & Glick, 1998).
A two-month old baby, Hone *, was admitted to the paediatric ward, following prolonged and traumatic attempts by junior doctors to reduce his incarcerated hernia.
The condition is commonly misdiagnosed as an incarcerated hernia and its diagnosis is almost always made intraoperative.