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that cripples or disables or incapacitates

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Unlike ordinary responsibility, tracing allows us to hold the agent responsible for the culpably incapacitated action both as a consequence of the incapacitating action and as an action in its own right.
Helmet laws continued to be associated with lower rates of fatalities and incapacitating injuries after adjusting for factors known to be associated with lower rates of motor vehicle fatalities, including elderly driver licensure laws, legal blood alcohol limit (lower than 0.
Whether incapacitating weapons save civilians or not, "force multiplication" seems intrinsic to their use.
This book originated from a June 2005 symposium on incapacitating biochemical weapons conducted by well-known authorities and scholars in the arms control arena.
When our group at the University of Toronto began using topical gentamicin ablation therapy for incapacitating unilateral Meniere's disease in the 1980s, we administered a concentrated solution of 25 mg/ml three times daily for 3 days.
If such a person is indeed suffering from an incapacitating brain disease, it should be possible to allow his family to make treatment decisions on his behalf.
In this exhibition, a sampler of Reeb's styles, paintings quote in third person Kratsman's firsthand witnessing of war, and by this means testify--much as Thomas Lawson suggested in his 1981 manifesto "Last Exit: Painting"--to art's incapacitating distance from events.
Moderate-to-severe polyarthritis, occasionally incapacitating, is a prominent feature of the disease (8).
As in the past, the ban covers alcohol, incapacitating chemicals and, without a current prescription, all controlled substances, narcotics and regulated drugs.
Chief Inspector Paul Rider, chairman of the Cleveland branch of the Police Federation, said: "We welcome the trials as we believe it is only right and proper to examine any alternative, less-lethal methods of incapacitating a person.
One potential approach to keeping Huntington's disease in check is to leave already-activated genes turned on longer by incapacitating the deacetyltransferases that put the brakes on them.
When the darts make contact it transmits incapacitating 50,000 volt electrical pulses into the body of a suspect through up to two inches of clothing.