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Synonyms for incapability

the condition or state of being incapable of accomplishing or effecting anything

Synonyms for incapability

lack of potential for development

the quality of not being capable -- physically or intellectually or legally

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The director board meets every three months and takes a decision on the applications received from members for medical assistance, pension for incapability and education grant, the official said.
Pay the price for your incapability by taking political responsibility, end your career, resign and go home.
The halt to payments under operational programs and the incapability of the state to recover payments from the European Commission for eight months has created a real threat of failure to implement construction contracts, thereby causing huge damage to the state as a result of the nonobservance of EU commitments," the Chamber said in its letter.
Aurangabad, March 5 ( ANI ): Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday criticized the incapability of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) to identify its own corrupt ministers.
We have come up with intelligent excuses to defend our incapability to commit for a single relation.
The grounds would include dishonesty, use of illegal drugs, incapability at work brought on by alcohol and bringing the organisation into disrepute.
The biggest challenge we have today is the incapability of the system of global governance to take the necessary time and devote the necessary attention to construct our future," Schwab argued.
He added that a number of projects are being late in executing them, for many reasons, such as the companies' incapability to carry on the contracts or technical and legal obstacles leading to delay in executing the projects, which is unacceptable.
It is often criticised for its incapability of handling huge web traffic.
It's a beautiful film about friendship, love and loss, and the incapability of the state's child protective services.
The analysis revealed six central narratives of parental incapability in court decisions: a child whose needs are not being provided for; biological parents who fail to meet the child's minimal needs; lack of objective parental capacity; the biological parent's opposition to the compulsory adoption is based on egocentric motivations; the biological parent's incapacity, described as contradicting the archetypical family, is contrasted with the capacities of the adoptive parents who can offer the child a more appropriate family environment.
We will show incapability of the current power to the society and people will make the decision themselves," he said.
These two students have demonstrated their incapability to set good, personal examples for their fellow youth.
The move was also attributed to Rusich Centre Bank's failure to build up sufficient reserves to cover potential losses and its incapability to address creditors' demand.
The al-Qaeda leader had been concerned about the incapability of his organisation to effectively replace senior leaders after they were killed.