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existing as an essential constituent or characteristic

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Its inbuilt Power over Ethernet and controller management capability, allow it to support the latest enterprise wireless network applications," said August Chen, director of global sales, Axilspot.
This would also be a great tool for students to create book reviews with--see the inbuilt example on The Intouchablesfor inspiration.
The device offer 16GB of inbuilt storage and is equipped with a 2460mAh battery.
Currently, there is no word on whether the device would still feature a microSD slot, or how much inbuilt memory the lowest variant will have.
The TV also has an inbuilt satellite which ensures reception of various TV channels.
Ford Motor Company (NYSE: F), a United States-based automaker, is planning to offer its future models with inbuilt in-car connectivity technology, Sync with Ford AppLink, in India.
Those who download a lot from Internet will appreciate an inbuilt torrent manager.
Briefing the meeting on the inbuilt facilities of the laptops, Chairman Higher Educational Commission, Dr Mukhtar Ahmad explained
Wariness inbuilt Existing customers will be paying full whack while newbies get a discount.
The range comes equipped with inbuilt analytics providing end-users with solutions that are value-for-money, he added.
2" Large Screen, 3G with Video calling capabilities, Inbuilt GPS, Bluetooth v3.
Designed to fit on any TV, the smart device comes with an inbuilt camera and microphone for video calls along with a 'wireless air keyboard' that also functions as a mouse for easy navigation.
InternetSpeech also has an inbuilt translator so users can transact business over the internet with people of other languages.
When it was delivered last year, the hot tub - which had an inbuilt music system - had to be lifted over the boundary fence by a crane because it was too wide to fit through the property's gate.