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the act of mating closely related individuals

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Keywords: Adani dairy goat, Inbreeding, Iran, Pedigree analysis.
aao1807) Science explains that although the remains came from a small population group, their genes showed "limited" levels of inbreeding and relatedness.
Several authors support the efficacy of the expected pure inbred lines methodology, as well as inbreeding depression, in predicting the breeding potential of segregating populations based on maize forage quality, grain yield and popcorn quality (SCAPIM et al.
The sires and dams were mated with the aid of a software (Do, 2003; Cdon Manager: A program for recording and managing seed stocks) that computes the selection index and inbreeding coefficient of hypothetical offspring.
2] seeds to grow during 2010 for determining inbreeding depression.
The objective of this present work is to study the inbreeding and its evolution in a population located in the North-Eastern part of Algeria: The City of El-Kala.
The rigorous inbreeding employed ever since Mohan and Radha -- mating fathers with daughters and granddaughters -- has invited much criticism from tiger conservationists, who say the exercise is an economicsdriven charade to draw more people to zoos at the cost of the animals' health.
One advantage of this assay is we get the same readout no matter if we are testing inbreeding or added sugar," Potts said.
KEY WORDS: abalone, selective breeding, genetic gain, inbreeding, simulation, Haliotis laevigata
Inbreeding has the potential to double up recessive genes in the limited gene pool, or undesirable traits that result from mutations.
Mating between closely related (than the average of population) individuals is termed as inbreeding and is unavoidable in commercial breeding programmes in dairy cattle.
INBREEDING to Northern Dancer is now commonplace rather than the exception but even so, sending a Stravinsky mare to Peintre Celebre, which results in tight inbreeding to Nureyev, might have been regarded as being on the risky side in some quarters.
Though the genetic harms of inbreeding are well known, kin marriages produce (on an average) more viable offspring than the (non-inbreeding) alternative of no marriage.
They want to find out if decreasing numbers of adders in the region has led to inbreeding.
Charles Darwin's family was a living human example of a theory that he developed about plants: that inbreeding could affect negatively the health and number of resulting offspring.