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Synonyms for inbred

Synonyms for inbred

forming an essential element, as arising from the basic structure of an individual

Synonyms for inbred

produced by inbreeding


normally existing at birth

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It might be, that under the surface so formed -- a surface which there had been nothing, hitherto, in the happy, prosperous, uneventful lives of the sisters to disturb -- forces of inborn and inbred disposition had remained concealed, which the shock of the first serious calamity in their lives had now thrown up into view.
The assistance of Janice Strachan at the Plant Variety Protection Office for facilitating and providing copies of corn inbred PVPs is greatly appreciated.
What started developing was an inbred [too closely related] population, with very little genetic diversity," says Richardson.
inbred groups, cultural and genetic isolates); sub-populations such as the oldest-old; studies that utilize the extensive genome databases and genetic analyses resources that are becoming available; and animal model studies using cross-fostering, selective breeding, inbred strains, recombinant inbred strains or specific genotypic manipulations (e.
Consequently we examined the potential statistical power associated with future comparisons of body weights between inbred wolves and the offspring of cross-lineage matings.
alba were sampled, and five generations of sib mating resulted in 65 inbred lines, with inbreeding coefficients of f = 0, 0.
Helen King of Wistav Institute inbred rats for 40 generations.
In the most extensive study previously made, that of inbreeding in the land-grant colleges, faculty members were classified as inbred who had received all or any part of their training in the institution in which they are teaching.
One of the mechanisms for this association is the production of highly fit, inbred progeny that are homozygous for the wild-type alleles.
Lab animals are inbred to create strains susceptible to specific diseases (1933)
The mean genetic similarity distance among inbred lines was ranged from 0.
Proportion of inbred animals reached in CLA, CLWd, CLWs, and DC was higher (57.
It remains unclear, and probably untestable, to what extent these populations were inbred, but close genetic relationships have been suggested for one Neandertal sample and some Upper Paleolithic burial groups," Trinkhaus and his colleagues wrote.
NOTF ORE XPORT Prix Jean Prat winner finding his feet with inbred crosses IN August 2007, Bernard Ferrand, president of the Syndicat des Eleveurs (French breeders' association), spoke at the group's annual meeting in Deauville of the pressing need for the French to retain their better stallion prospects.