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intended to deceive

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If Facebook is serious about its role in the democratic process, we ask you to provide direct notice to each Facebook user you know that liked, followed, shared, viewed, or could have viewed, the inauthentic IRA content intended to deceive Americans.
The information Facebook gave to Mueller included copies of the ads and information about how the inauthentic accounts bought them and how they targeted the propaganda, according to the Journal, which first reported the disclosure.
I bring this up to emphasize that I have no intrinsic dislike of fusion cuisine (whatever it means these days) or deliberately inauthentic cuisine.
To clarify: mediated authenticity is in effect inauthentic, but that does not really matter because the audience knows it.
From a total of 37 samples of SJW herb, dry extracts and commercial products tested in this study, approximately 38% were proven inauthentic either due to ad-mixture of synthetic dyes combined with an uncharacteristic flavonoid pattern (approximately 22%) or by exhibiting an uncharacteristic flavonoid pattern only (approximately 16%).
These groups are typically condemned as heretical by the more religious, and dismissed as inauthentic by the more secular.
In terms of Jung's transcendent function this signifies that the ego is brought together with the meaning of the guilty mood from a complex and this ends the life of the inauthentic understanding of the dwarf ego which can no longer exist if they are to be unified.
Prose writer Chaim Grade (1910-1982), like Glatshteyn, saw in Singer's postmodernist experimentation and the ways in which he "transformed a particular Jewish world into universal parables of the human condition" (226) an inauthentic artistic expression that betrays the memory of the destructed communities.
Many inauthentic pieces are floating around in the market place so be careful before you part with money for these.
Focusing on personal emotional responses like fear, envy, love, and sorrow (as opposed to moral or intellectual emotions), it emphasizes emotional evaluations and the ways emotional responses can be assessed as appropriate or misplaced, rational or irrational, authentic or inauthentic, or sentimental or perceptive.
He credited the campaign with causing a large number of vendors hawking inauthentic likes to go out of business.
The inauthentic self will be the primary focus of this paper, as Heidegger's ontology places cultural discourse such as film and mass media within the realm of "the they," a concept which this paper will deal with centrally.
There is a safe and proven solution to escape the pain and struggle of an inauthentic life.
We tend to have a view of adoption that it is in some way lacking, or that it leads to inauthentic family life," she added.
they reject inauthentic efforts to box them into cultural silos.