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the quality of suggesting an unsuccessful result

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They believe in horoscopes and stars, that the ailment is because of a dosha or inauspiciousness in the planetary configuration at the time of birth.
They are metaphorical not in the sense that 'taboo' in this case does not really mean taboo, but signifies instead a concept of inauspiciousness.
Telling her story, Zina, the heroine of La Nuit de l'erreur, ties her identity to the inauspiciousness of her birth and to "a destiny imposed on her.
However, it is less similar to the Hindu idea of gift giving, which transfers the pap (sin, bad karma) or inauspiciousness of the giver to the receiver.
Could it also be significant that, located, as they are at the four entry points of what was, after all, a crossroads the stupas were intended to counteract the inauspiciousness of this node?
Despite the briefness of their meeting in 1962 and the inauspiciousness of its circumstances, O'Connor and Percy continued to follow and to admire one another.
As an ironic objectification of the poet's anxiety, the leech-gatherer offers another connotation to the "untoward" nature of the poet's thoughts, namely, their inauspiciousness.