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Synonyms for inaugural

Synonyms for inaugural

the act or process of formally admitting a person to membership or office

Synonyms for inaugural

an address delivered at an inaugural ceremony (especially by a United States president)

the ceremonial induction into a position

occurring at or characteristic of a formal investiture or induction


serving to set in motion

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Presidents who attended the inaugural of their duly elected successor:
Presidents-elect who fetched their predecessors from Malacanan Palace for the drive to the inaugural venue:
Four did not: Aguinaldo (no such ritual, and his inaugural was not in Manila), Laurel (to avoid comparisons to the Commonwealth), Osmena (succeeded into office overseas), C.
The presence of war in so many Inaugurals is a reminder that the United States, promoted as a peace-loving nation, was created through the War of Independence; fought a so-called Second War of Independence against the British in 1812-14; battled the Mexicans in the 1840s and consequently acquired California, Texas and much of today's south-western United States; endured its own murderous Civil War; waged many Indian campaigns throughout the nineteenth century; defeated the Spanish empire in 1898 en route to the American version of European imperialism--not to mention a twentieth century of two world wars and counterinsurgency operations during the subsequent Cold War.
On the last day of April 1789, in the temporary capital of the nascent republic, New York, Washington delivered his--and his nation's--first Inaugural Address to 'his fellow citizens of the Senate and House of Representatives'.
That simple yet evocative phrase, whose origins lie in classical antiquity, is familiar from the Inaugural of John F.
And some lines, like Princess and Holland America, still give passengers very nice inaugural gifts such as, on Princess, a pewter model of the ship and commemorative mementos like paperweights.
One ship's hotel manager told us maiden voyages draw inaugural junkies for oddball reasons--such as those who simply love to sleep on spanking new bed sheets or dine on dinnerware no one has touched before.
And last year, just one day into her inaugural cruise, P&O's Aurora broke down and limped back to Southampton, England.
The portrait of the United States that emerges from twentieth-century inaugurals is of a nation that fights for peace, respects the rights and cultures of other nations, and has been forced to play a more active international role by circumstances beyond its control.
Only four of the first thirteen inaugurals express this theme; only six of the remaining thirty-nine do not.
Fourteen of the first nineteen inaugurals (through the Civil War) refer to this theme but only nine of the remaining thirty-three inaugurals refer to it, and only one (ironically, Richard Nixon's first) of the last sixteen.
He offers tour packages that include concerts on a stage built around a 60-foot-long American Flag float used in three Inaugural Parades.
The first Democratic president in a half-century to win a second term will be sworn in Monday, with an inaugural celebration less exuberant than he might have hoped.
Even President Clinton's backers concede there's less enthusiasm for this $30 million ``An American Journey'' bash than there was for his $28 million first inaugural.