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Synonyms for inaugural

Synonyms for inaugural

the act or process of formally admitting a person to membership or office

Synonyms for inaugural

an address delivered at an inaugural ceremony (especially by a United States president)

the ceremonial induction into a position

occurring at or characteristic of a formal investiture or induction


serving to set in motion

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Wolkoff's termination comes amid a New York Times report that said her event management firm had received nearly $26 million from Trump's inaugural committee.
While Ireland have scheduled their inaugural Test with Pakistan at home in May, Afghanistan are hoping to play their first Test against Zimbabwe.
Starting with Quezon's second inaugural in 1941 until Marcos' second inaugural in 1969 (with the exception of the special election called in 1946), presidents were inaugurated on Rizal Day, Dec.
But based on weather forecasts and the predicted timing of the snowfall, organizers of the inaugural exercises feel comfortable sticking to the original starting time of 3 p.
It is learnt that the inaugural meeting will be held immediately after the receipt of the Gazette Notification from the Commissioner of Elections on the Northern Provincial Council election results .
Are there major distinctions regarding the religious elements used in the inaugural addresses of the Democrat Presidents?
A political insider said that some on the presidential inaugural committee are starting to seriously worry.
The inaugural issue concentrates on the new Audi A8L, the brand's flagship launched across India, this month, and on lifestyle and sports.
The inaugural cruises often offer inaugural events and keepsakes, discounted rates on accommodation and food plus entertainment and activities.
California atheist Michael Newdow sued Chief Justice John Roberts in federal court for an injunction to bar the use of those words in the inaugural oath.
On the last day of April 1789, in the temporary capital of the nascent republic, New York, Washington delivered his--and his nation's--first Inaugural Address to 'his fellow citizens of the Senate and House of Representatives'.
Inaugural flight to China draws "airline geeks" United Airlines on Wednesday launched its inaugural flight from Washington Dulles International Airport to Beijing.
On this night, more than 250 people gathered 65 stories high to celebrate both the 75th anniversary of FEI and the inaugural class of FEI's Hall of Fame.
Stephen Howard Browne sets out to accomplish a seemingly simple task: to provide a comprehensive analysis of Thomas Jefferson's First Inaugural Address.
senator, complained that Jefferson delivered his inaugural address "in so low a voice that not half of it was heard by any part of the crowded auditory.