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the quality of not being perceptible by the ear

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The revision of essays showed boys were subject to inaudibility more than girls, even when the error extent came least, there was significant difference.
The best predictors of program attrition for programs with five or more attendees included interpreters' lack of responsiveness to the audience, inaudibility, false assumptions about the audience, the identity of the walking encyclopedia, inappropriate logistics, the use of props, slow pace, lack of interpreter confidence, a lack of organization of the program, and an unexpected negative circumstance (see Tables 17 and 18).
In what seems to have been a problem across this whole tour, Mustaine's vocals were muffled to the point of inaudibility at times, with Shawn Drover's powerhouse drumming regularly drowning out the rest of the band.
As a mostly biographical work, Lipsitz comments very little on the varying music styles of Otis, which may form a frustrating inaudibility for readers that do not have Otis's varying musical accomplishments at their recollective disposal.
The percentages indicate the measure of the dichotomous feature <<yes/no>> and <<undetermined>> that reflected factors involving mainly brevity and inaudibility.
Following the diary, Hayes discusses her research methods, concluding the discussion with the proclamation that the remainder of her book "is devoted to pumping up the volume" on "the persistent inaudibility of women's music to popular music enthusiasts, the subjugation of black women's experiences in the discourse of women's music, and the almost complete unfamiliarity of African Americans with women's music festivals as sites of the production of black expressive culture" (p.
Decades after her death, invisibility and inaudibility continue to bedevil Thornton.
Amid the silence, the dead calm of the noble breast, Tennyson's pensive imagination felt Hallam's absence most painfully in the inaudibility of his voice.
With the first two the sound is slightly muffled, individual instruments occasionally sink into inaudibility and the climactic passages are not as colourful and full of contrast as they could be in a studio recording.
Gibson-Graham has a subject-specific focus on a municipality in South Philippines to reveal how amidst apparent invisibility and inaudibility lies the seeds of emergence and sustenance of community economies.
The inaudibility might have to with the recording facilities in what is a very interventionist and improvisational performance.
The inaudibility almost throughout Schumann's music--Worthen's Schumann is a "musician," not a composer--risks making this seem a life unlived.
For this reason, the names vary: Davide Panagia (2006) calls it 'a politics of unrepresentability' and I sometimes refer to it as a politics of unrecognisability or a politics of inaudibility.
Whitman helps Henry / Lee face up to the theatrically acquired invisibility of the face and inaudibility of the voice, with the unremarkable voice helping erase the "different" face and both fading into the supposed uniformity of standard faces and voices.
Given its inaudibility, what would be lost if the agreement were not there at all?