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Synonyms for inattentiveness

a lack of attentiveness (as to children or helpless people)

the trait of not being considerate and thoughtful of others

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The reason for these could be suboptimal X-ray machine performance, poor technical skill with an added component of inattentiveness resulting in these poor quality unacceptable films.
The twins are very upset at this decision despite their inattentiveness to Pistachio.
The main symptoms are inattentiveness, hyperactivity and impulsivity.
HMC Paediatric Neurology consultant Dr Mahmoud Fawzi explained that ADHD is a behavioural disorder characterised by developmentally inappropriate inattentiveness, impulsiveness and hyperactivity.
However, I am disgusted by the lack of action and inattentiveness of all those in senior positions.
DENSO will also showcase the driver status monitor system that detects a driver's inattentiveness level based on the driver's facial images, and the vehicle-infrastructure cooperative system based on V2X technology.
Alexandra Bull, prosecuting, said: "There is a suggestion the accident could have been caused by inattentiveness.
The Civil Court decided that the parents failed to prove their claims about the school's negligence and inattentiveness regarding their son's performance and dismissed the case.
Not surprisingly bow hunters miss an embarrassing number of deer each year due to inattentiveness, reading, and even falling asleep.
In a press conference held Thursday in Bkerke, al-Rai pointed out that the Christians will remain in this orient and that is not related to their number, as there is no fear on them or their message, rather the fear is on the Arab society if it remains in inattentiveness to the schemes seeking to destroy it.
The seizures are often characterized by unresponsiveness that may be misinterpreted as daydreaming, or inattentiveness.
Deputy DA David Walgren said: "The details of these relationships show Dr Murray's level of inattentiveness and distraction while he was responsible for the care of Mr Jackson.
This incident reminded me I'm not immune to the dangers of inattentiveness.
Those who have it usually display the characteristics of one of the three subtypes of the condition: inattentiveness, hyperactivity and impulsiveness.
Antonija Popovska comments for Nova Makedonija that although each day the Government is sending a message that the education is power, in practice a blockade of the educational process takes place because of someone's incapability, ignorance and inattentiveness.