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Synonyms for inattentively

in an absentminded or preoccupied manner

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15) The virtue of Nietzsche's writing style is also its vice; or rather, by allowing and even encouraging readers to extrapolate ideas inattentively, it lends itself to all sorts of vices.
If it is through the aesthetic codes that we hold and disclose, that we can say who we are and where we position ourselves in a society that continually renews (faster and faster) its belonging brands, so it is easy to reach the next logical conclusion: to be inattentively satisfied is extremely inadvisable.
medical malpractice liability system aims to recompense patients who are harmed via the carelessness of health care suppliers and to discourage the latter from practicing inattentively.
It is surprising how the balcony of Darwish criticism in Arabic and English fails, even after twenty years of the publication of Limadha, to look out on newer things in this poem, and insists on rendering an overdressed eye, and sometimes using difficult concepts inattentively, which results in failure to evoke a new interest in the poem.
The doctor asked him for the symptoms and listened inattentively.
King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden's sister Princess Birgitta survived a hooked drive that nearly decapitated her as she stood innocently and inattentively on the ladies' tee.
Additionally, the ICU areas, which are supposed to be strictly controlled and sealed off to visitors have easy accessibility and visitors could be seen walking freely inside while the nurses sat inattentively at the counters.
The third 'point is that these career indecision assessments are also available in an online version that makes it possible to see whether the client filled out the questionnaire attentively and suggests caution in interpretation when the client filled out the questionnaire inattentively (Amir, Gati, & Kleiman, 2008).
Video footage shows that mother carries his baby with a sledge and left the sledge behind a car inattentively.
You've already said that dear," Moira responded inattentively.
The response distribution to another question, regarding to average single consumption of beer during 12 months preceding this study, suggests that some respondents completed the questionnaire inattentively, or did not give the true answers.
The AA also cited cases of motorists so plugged in to music in their cars that they drive inattentively.
The AA also cited case motorists so plugged in to music in their cars that they drive inattentively.
9) Researchers may inattentively classify these zero values as missing values.
and some better intended (if inattentively written) stuff as well.