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a lack of aptitude

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The incapacity of use means practically the inaptness to be a subject of law (it is about a decrease of the legal personality), when the incapacity of exercise is the inaptitude of the person to exercise by herself a right already obtained.
It's a tune about one man's inaptitude for the Great Outdoors, with someone's car breaking down "in the suburbs late at night" being the closest he'd come to communing with nature in any real way.
A result to incommensurate with the efforts used, and money expended, would apparently argue either a high degree of government incapacity, or an utter inaptitude of the French for colonisation.
He also accuses him of inaptitude shortly before his own death:
D'innombrables articles de journaux aux Etats-Unis portant sur cette inaptitude et sur l'accroissement des tensions ont tendance a les presenter comme des invasions regulieres d'etrangers.
My chief aim is to take the Court to task for its self-proclaimed inaptitude when it comes to regulating the substance of plea bargains (and criminal codes more generally).
sometimes out of harbor is to entice it out by carrying out some operation which would serve to demonstrate the inaptitude of the enemy navy thereby rousing public opinion in the enemy country to high enough pitch to force their fleet into activity.
A conspicuous lack of clarity, blatant inconsistencies in legal initiatives and bureaucratic inaptitude have affected the efficacy of state policies and legislation towards overseas Vietnamese.
These tradesmen-turned-fighters who set cheap hourly rates for their work and squabble over clothing and petty household possessions again convince Coriolanus of their innate identification with unmanly practices, goods, and domestic spaces, and of their natural inaptitude for the warlike occupation of the "good and honest" man.
Les recours (pour inaptitude physique ou condition sociale) sont adresses et examines par une commission, mais si apres avoir recu un ordre d'appel alors que son cas a connu des changements (devenu soutien de famille par exemple), le recours est toujours possible pour cette personne.
And malicious coders are relying on this inaptitude.
On belief in the inaptitude of non-Russian peoples for conducting military operations, see Brandenberger, National Bolshevism, 178-80.
Mal-administration include an act of the holder of a public office which is contrary to law, arbitrary, biased, oppressive, discriminatory, misuse of power, corrupt motives such as bribery, favoritism, nepotism, administrative excesses and neglect, inattention, delay, incompetence, inefficiency and inaptitude in the administration or discharge of duties and responsibilities.
We don't need asting operation to believe that the 1984 anti- Sikh pogrom wasn't just the result of gross police inaptitude
But the way this project of national importance was subjected to ill-administration and inaptitude is a cause of sorrowful concern.