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Synonyms for inapt

not suited to a given purpose

lacking the qualities, as efficiency or skill, required to produce desired results

Synonyms for inapt

not elegant or graceful in expression

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IV Inapt soil Litholic Neosols, Argissolos shallow and / or stony, Cambisol shallow and / or stony, Luvisol Chromic Orthic shallow, Planosol and Gleysol.
Next to follow were inability to touch products, fear of faulty products, inapt query handling and not assured of size of the product.
Inapt execution of an innovation can lead to costly missteps, particularly in today's fast-paced competitive environment.
How inapt and deadly is the security forces response to any riots.
It's not an inapt analogy to compare this to lightsabres," boasts Harvard physics prof MiKhail LuKin, one of the big Know-it-alls involved in the project.
Inapt title for a family-friendly feature from Soul Surfer's Sean McNamara.
The center is an alternative solution to educate inapt students to complete their regular studying and give them the opportunity to learn, train and succeed.
The letter from CBFC states that the film portrays an inapt image of a Muslim girl [played by Sonam Kapoor] falling in love with a Hindu man and having an affair with him.
short-term" excuse is a canard and particularly inapt in the case of Yahoo
Music is thus particularly inapt for American civic life, since that life rests not on sentiment but on an idea (human equality).
Commenting on the critical scenario one of the eminent economist said "the present government that took charge in March 2008 was most inapt at addressing economic challenges in general and external shocks in particular.
I would add that it seems especially inapt to advocate for methodological purity when sex is the topic.
So in this case, for instance, it may be inapt to apply the characterization of a Mother Teresa to x since this characterization is not restrictive enough to capture the character of x as being particularly involved with environmental issues.
According to the Sydney Morning Herald, an inspection team from Cricket Australia (CA) and the Australian Cricketers' Association (ACA) concluded that the amenities at Green Park in Kanpur, which has not hosted a Test since 2009, were inapt.