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Synonyms for inapt

not suited to a given purpose

lacking the qualities, as efficiency or skill, required to produce desired results

Synonyms for inapt

not elegant or graceful in expression

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First, when taxpayers inquire why they have received inapt or overbroad requests for information, the local auditor's response often is that the ITD is directing the audit from Ottawa.
So too a heavy burden of epistemic responsibility, broadly construed, on the listener may also be inapt in the case of insincere, false speech, particularly with respect to information that is not readily accessible or publicly verifiable by listeners (e.
From a social capital perspective, newcomers, due to inapt individual abilities and skills, are unable to economically integrate and, therefore, they become pathologized as unfit or "disabled.
He criticized the outgoing government as becoming an illegal source of opportunism or careerism of inapt rulers.
The ME Case Against 100% Reserve Banking: An Inapt Comparison
32) The coercive nature of the sex trade may render this theory inapt.
Correspondingly, these measures are the most effective means of preventing crises; they are consequently as much pre-crisis priorities which juxtapose the concept of 'post-conflict peace-building' which is inapt since peace-building has everything to do with the on-going management of social and political conflict through good governance.
I never made eye contact with any of the children, nor did I get any closer to the inapt scene than the driver-side door of the EWEB Jeep parked 50 or 75 yards away on the opposite side of one of the busiest streets in Eugene.
But the analogy is inapt for several reasons, one of which is that U.
But this comparison is revealed to be totally inapt, and thus irrelevant to the real choices at hand, once one is aware of person-altering consequences.
Evan Hoschild, writing at the Crawfish Boxes, stumbled into such an inapt comparison recently (http://www.
consider her behavior inapt, probably a sign of what he deems her
And it was not only the opposition that criticised the government's inapt economic policy -- it was also the coalition parties, the opposition leader said.
Doyle contends that the case "is a curiously inapt test for preemptive self-defense" (p.