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in an inappropriate manner

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The Bangladeshi is accused of touching the boy inappropriately on several occasions during the teaching sessions, taking advantage of the fact that the boy's parents were away.
If a person is identified behaving inappropriately at away grounds then the club will have no option but to ban the individuals concerned from future matches.
It follows a claim that he signed legal papers saying the pop star never acted inappropriately.
Finally, the judges said EPA inappropriately withheld details on the type of analysis it would use to project the benefits of bans on various asbestos products.
He also faced a charge of consuming liquor without a licence as he was under the influence of alcohol when he allegedly touched the girl inappropriately.
The court heard Urch, who lived in Cardiff at the time, made an eight-year-old girl carry out sex acts on him and touched her inappropriately, between 1973 and 1974.
LANCASTER - A former Highland High School science teacher and yearbook adviser denied Tuesday in court that he had ever touched children inappropriately.
Because of new information discovered by the fossil turnaround,Elliott believes that this fossil and several similar ones had been inappropriately assigned to an order of fish, Heterostraci, whose members have only a single set of tube-like openings that run to the gills.
The boy told his father how the defendant would always touch him inappropriately, which he verified next day after checking the CCTV footage.
The audit memo did not accuse the agency of trying to spend any of the reserve funds inappropriately.
The worker reportedly admitted during the investigation he touched the boy inappropriately and tried to go further, even though the scared boy constantly pushed him away.
Detectives began investigating McMurray after the school's principal received complaints that the teacher was touching children inappropriately, police said.