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too small to make a significant difference

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almost inappreciable change of which, nevertheless, we remain
Given that virtually all CARs have been authoritarian, with inappreciable differences in civil liberties and political rights, this theory can do little to explain why Central Asians would embark on collective protests.
T]he amount of this deflection becomes observationally quite inappreciable at distances of more than, say, six radii from the sun's center.
MP (greater than) CC (greater than) MT, though differences were statistically inappreciable.
And perhaps in this is the whole difference; perhaps all the wisdom, and all truth, and all sincerity, are just compressed into that inappreciable moment of time in which we step over the threshold of the invisible.
The evil, which was apparently inappreciable before Prohibition, gradually grew in spite of partial blacklisting of particular essences, until last summer, when stern steps were taken to suppress it.
Ce spectacle d'une inappreciable sincerite a ete vu avec de legeres variations d'ordres locales [.
62) At the low end, Severity Level IV violations result "in no or relatively inappreciable potential safety or security consequences.
Inappreciable reduction in the total fulvic acids content and an increase in humic acids content, compared with their status before trial establishment, determined positive changes in the main humus quality indicators--[C.
But the disadvantages of both orifices can be considered insignificant, because the influence of the geometry on the cutting velocity profile and on the mean cutting velocity is inappreciable.
The birth of Islamism is, in this regard, a unique and truly inappreciable fact.
Probably, the behavioural effect would be inappreciable, since TTX is also altering STM.
While the simile drawn here may initially appear isolated or inappreciable, the narrator's later perception of the dead heron as "strung .
Yet, one's ability to recognize internal heterogeneity of text is akin to the act of sagacity defined by Aristotle as "a hitting by guess upon the essential connection in an inappreciable time" (cited in Polya, 1945, p.