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of an inappropriate or misapplied nature


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368) Prizes may be inapposite for many kinds of social innovations that do not resemble discrete technologies, such as a spacecraft, which a prize winner can simply hand off to a sponsor.
133) Second, the application of dormant Foreign Commerce Clause jurisprudence to positive Foreign Commerce Clause cases is inapposite because of the starkly different factual scenarios presented by the two types of statutes.
Since the proposed longevity-matching scheme would differentiate among transplant candidates in part on the basis of age itself, rather than merely on the basis of some other correlated trait, the exception for use of "reasonable factors other than age" is inapposite here.
Although it is appropriate that the major industry of interpretive and literary inquiry into novels focuses upon the texts themselves and, where undertaken, their translations tout court, it may not be inapposite to include a space for the discussion of aspects of translation in a multilingual country.
4) The court held that although father did not have minimum contacts with the State of Vermont and could not meet personal jurisdiction requirements, these standards remained inapposite where the court had status jurisdiction over father's children.
Third, if one craves a political analogy, not at all inapposite is this one: Directors are to shareholders as United States Senators are to their constituents.
In doing so, it would likely emphasize that antitrust law is inapposite to the complained-of conduct, and, in the interest of federalism and judicial restraint, refuse to subject private entities engaging in sham agreements with public authorities to the antitrust laws.
They used inapposite license agreements as a basis for calculating proposed royalty payments.
The underlying reasons for this difficulty are complex; they include bureaucratic and service inertia, inapposite training, and a naval culture narrowly focused on a very specific combative tradition that is becoming increasingly irrelevant in real-world operations requiring flexible response.
The court found inapposite cases in which a public benefit was found to be incidental to the private benefit, (408) holding that the private benefit to the company was incidental to the public purpose of the stadium.
140) However, the Skoien court failed to recognize the rationale underlying Heller's approval of certain categorical exclusions, relying instead on a general intermediate-scrutiny-like analysis that is inapposite to many criminal gun laws.
Though the parallel is apparent, I suspect the position asserted would be inapposite.
Such criticism is inapposite for an introductory text.
He said that it will be inapposite for those concerned about a repeat of civil war or due to scare for own depreciation to put their necks down and keep silent in front of perpetual occupation by American invaders.